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Comment for ordinary people, (Score 1) 253

long hours guarantee burnout but don't guarantee rising to the top.

Unless of course your management thinks of long hours a a form of sucking up; then you can "work" long hours and spend the time goofing off, guaranteeing rungs up on the company ladder without burnout.

But I question what you mean by "top of their field". Do you want to be very good at something, climb the company ladder, get rich, or be a Slashdot idol? Different personalities and strategies are needed for each.

And of course, a lucky break helps for all of those except the first.

Comment They're awful (Score 4, Insightful) 489

Trump's tweets are awful, they embarrass America, they embarrass himself, they are tremendously unprofessional and demean the office he occupies. Republicans used to fume that Obama "demeaned" the office by not wearing an acceptable suit in the White House, yet let this guy act like a buffoon and with awful language? Please.

As much I love watching Trump self-destruct his own administration's policies with his tweets and his big mouth, demolish his own court cases because he can't help blurting things out on Twitter, and watching Sean Spicer and his staff try to twist themselves into logical knots trying to explain that Trump never makes mistakes or that those typos were just new words he invented intentionally, it's exhausting and at some point we have to stop him before he wrecks the office of president for good.

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