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Comment Re:Simple: (Score 2) 550

I can't agree more. I was once upon a time married to a gamer. She was a little more addicted than I. While sharing a game of Mario bros is always fun I'm glad I'm with someone now who has the sense to do more with her life. It is a good opportunity for me to do more as well. No reason to try to take that time away from someone who doesn't have a desire.

Comment Re:Fortunately, Romney isn't a Democrat (Score 1) 1223

Obamism. The new religion. Do you have tee-shirts? Of course you do. Just one question who generated the revenue for the government to create the infrastructure? How many DARPA servers run the internet backbone today? How many internet servers and fiber are run not for profit or for free? Have you ever tried to get internet in the country? I don't think you'll find any subsidies but good luck.

Comment Re:Stop redefining proverty. (Score 1) 696

I expect a term to remain unchanged. Did I grow up in poverty? No cell phone, no AC, only basic cable. Must have! It's crazy to compare what we now call poverty to what was just 30 years ago. Or 40 years or more. The idea of basic necessities has been so bastardized that people feel you can't raise a child without disposable diapers. So strange that my Mom raised 9 kids with cloth diapers. So strange.

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