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Comment Re:WTF submitter?! (Score -1, Flamebait) 277

It is an article about US Navy, I'm replying to someone putting "military and gun culture" in his sentence, and he thinks it is "sad" not to appreciate these kind of things. As you may have deduced, I read the summary (not TFA of course) and the comments, so you may also have deduced that that was a interesting subject to me. You own guns, blah blah freedom, blah blah America. Great. But you missed the point.

Comment Re:meanwhile: (Score -1) 239

"Drug dealers use a similar methodology. They'll give you a hit or two, knowing that you'll become addicted, then they can make their money back, and then some."

I have yet to meet A SINGLE DEALER giving away his stuff for nothing. It doesn't exist as they don't need to. People will take drug no matter what. So my point is that you are a moron, repeating what you always heard. Ho and boobs on TV cause massive psychological problems to childs.

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