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The Military

Submission + - Robo-gunsight system makes sniper's life easier (

An anonymous reader writes: Military and police marksmen could see their rifle sights catch up with the 21st century with a fiber-optic laser-based sensor system that automatically corrects for even tiny barrel disruptions. Factors such as heat generated by previously fired shots, to a simple bump against the ground can affect the trueness a rifle barrel. The new system precisely measures the deflection of the barrel relative to the sight and then electronically makes the necessary corrections. With modern high-caliber rifles boasting ranges of up to two miles, even very small barrel disruptions can cause a shooter to miss by a wide margin.

Comment Drupal's learning curve (Score 1) 418

A month later, I'd produced nothing useful.

I, even as a hardcore Drupal fan for many years, can perfectly understand what you mean and confirm that dubness is not necessarily involved if you failed to achieve your goals with Drupal. To Drupal's defense I would like to mention three points:

  1. A learning curve is the price for a powerful, flexible system. If power and flexibility are not among your top priorities, Drupal may not be for you.
  2. Drupal's learning curve has been reduced quite a lot, especially in the last two major releases (6 and 7).
  3. Very detailed requirements are a nightmare to implement in any framework

Comment GPL is the evolution of freedom (Score 1) 1075

True freedom is letting people do what they want.

In the beginning there was true freedom. Since Apple (and Microsoft and Adobe and Oracle and...) are companies trying to make a profit they just take what OpenSource has to offer, make a profit out of it and never give anything back. Thus, GPL is a evolution of the "true freedom" concept. It restricts the freedom in only one respect: free software shall never become unfree.

Comment Re:Not Good (Score 1) 335

The Three Mile alert level you know is the highest that turned out to be reached. The Fukushima incident is not over, not by a long shot. Every single reactor core and every single spent fuel pool in Fukushima could well evolve into a catastrophy much bigger than Three Mile.

Two hours after the Tsunami the reactors reached a situation so bad that there were no planned precedures anymore, no manuals and no checklists. Since then everything are just improvised emergency efforts . The people working at the reactor now know full well they are going to die from this soon. Their death is not the catastrophy. They are sacrificing themselves to lessen the catastrophy to come.

Comment Not sure (Score 1) 110

You cannot move half of the keyboard from your normal typing position.
Trackpoints work very well and without the need to put your hand off the keyboard. Some are hard to aim with but the trackpoints from Lenovo are awesome.

Comment Easy! (Score 1) 251

'With the vast amount of GPLv2 code available for use, the incompatibility between the App Store's (and Windows Marketplace's) terms of service on one hand and GPLv2 on the other is a problem in need of a fix.'

Easy. Apple and Microsoft could just make their rules compatible with the GPLv2. If they don't there does not seem be a problem, really. The opensource community does not give a flying fsck about what silly rules Apple and MS try to impose. And even if it did, there'd be nothing they could do about it. Opensource needs to be open (duh!). If an app-shop refuses to guarantee openness they will have to do without OSS. It's their loss, not the OSS people's.

Comment Understanding the Drupal development process (Score 1) 88

Some of the people posting sarcastic comments fail to understand the development process of Drupal. The very core of Drupal is lean - but useless. And then there are modules to add functionality like blogging features, XML-sitemap for search engines or a system that lets you create custom content types. Some of these modules that are useful for most potential users become part of Drupal. These are called "core modules", the rest "contributed modules". What Dries probably meant was to tighten the requirements for a module to go into core, i.e. a buggy module must be fixed before the release maintainer can consider it going into core.

This is just a tweak in Drupal's lifecycle model with the aim to be more agile. It means that new features will be available sooner for novice users. For Drupal pros there will be no change because they install their favorite collection of modules anyway.

Comment Never used a recycle bin (Score 1) 465

I only used a recycle bin on a computer UI for one month and that was back in the last century. While I perfectly understand the concept of being able to retrieve inadvertently deleted files I am more comfortable with the gone is gone approach. My collegues keep calling that weird. But if they do I just pull some pr0n from their recycle bins when others are nearby.

Comment Drupal is a jack of all trades (Score 2, Interesting) 178

I have build Drupal sites for the last 5 years and yes, Drupal can be frustrating. But Drupal still develops fast, Drupal has just released version 7 with many usability improvements over the previous ones. The problem is everyone of us has to specialize because the day does not have enough hours to become expert in three or more systems. And once you earned some experience with one or two systems you usually can achieve the desired results quickly and IMHO Drupal is among the faster ones, because of the tons of modules and documentation for it. Plus Drupal does not make you jump through countless XML configuration hoops like some other frameworks do. Oh, and "writing from scratch" is a sure way to insecure sites. As soon as you need user registration it is just not worth taking the risk of SQL injection or cross site scripting bugs. Which you will inevitably make.

Comment Anonymous does not give a **** (Score 1) 415

The difference is that HBGary tried to dox random people. They dug up some names they believed to be "members" of Anonymous and then tried to gain the FBI's attention which they knew were on a crusade against Anonymous. And considering previous cases chances are the life of the people named by HBGary would have become quite miserable. BTW: Anonymous does not care much about consistency or reputation or what slashdotters might think of them.

Comment I am happy to read about Lego (Score 2) 132

Many people may think that Lego has nothing to do with IT or even technology in general. I think what happens when a child plays with Lego is the very core of what hacking means - being creative and constructive. Uh, and of course most of the things you can build with Lego can be portet to Minecraft ;-).

Submission + - Drupal 6.0 has been released ( 1

rDouglass writes: "Following one year of development, Drupal 6.0 has been released. Drupal powers a wide range of websites from publishing sites, non-profits, large technology companies, to rock stars and personal blogs. Drupal 6.0 has many new features such as OpenID support, better internationalization and localization support, a better installer and easier theming. Drupal is a PHP based product released under the GPL."

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