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Comment Google Class Action, Settled Lawsuits. (Score 2) 786

Almost 300 people join class-action lawsuit for age discrimination at Google. They already settled their first age discrimination lawsuit when Larry Paged fired Brian Reid 9 days before IPO costing Reid 45+ million dollars in stock options. They admitted age discrimination and plants to change it. Yet Google still has an average age of 29.

Then there is the leaked news some googlers and google managers use black lists to block conservatives from joining some teams and promotions.

I wonder if it's because some older engineers might be conservatives.

Submission + - Almost 300 people join class-action lawsuit for age discrimination at Google ( 1

BrookHarty writes: 269 people have joined a class-action lawsuit against Google claiming they were discriminated against in the workplace based on their age. The lawsuit originated in 2015 with plaintiff Robert Heath and was certified as a class-action in 2016. Google has stated it has implemented policies to stop age discrimination but still has an average employee age of 29.

In 2004 Larry Page fired Brian Reid 9 days before IPO costing Ried 45 million in unvested stock options. Reid was fired for lack of "cultural fit". Ried has settled for an undisclosed amount.

Comment Love youtube red. (Score 3, Interesting) 65

Love youtube red for podcasts, it plays with the screen off. Google even throws in google music for free. There are free alternatives to give you screen off on youtube, but I really enjoy the product.

Now if they would just stop censoring and demonizing the people I watch. LEAVE PEWDIEPIE ALONE! - lol, sorry couldn't resist :)

Comment Re:Not true (for the US) (Score 1) 472

No thats not the way it works. My co-workers in the UK work long hours coding just as they do here in the US. You are comparing salary vs wage. Hourly wage is normally 40 hours for overtime, thats 96 hours a week, someone is making bank in OT for a min wage lower skilled job. The normal shift job will work you 9 hours with 1 hour lunch/breaks not including the start/end of shifts on your time.

The UK gets bank holidays which we don't, but they also don't even get paid the same as their US counterparts, and they have a higher tax on top of it. Programmer salary in USD, London average is 41K and Seattle is 87K (per google check just now).

Comment Enhancements (Score 1) 175

There are LED fidget spinners that display text like spinning bike wheels, Bluetooth enabled spinners, animated spinners,etc.

7-11 started selling the, and they are already basically giving them away at price.

Comment Re:A good example of bad laws. (Score 4, Insightful) 253

I think you are correct. If there is a political agenda, the judges normally vote along party line. If there are no politics involved, the courts will default towards the letter of the law.

People have been redefining acceptable free speech for so many political views, they don't think about the legal impacts. As if only politically correct acceptable speech should be allowed, that's not how free speech works.

Comment Flagged. (Score 3, Informative) 286

The worst common offending extremist videos are youtube approved sponsors, and they get pushed to the trending page.

The Young Turks has videos calling out for death for conservatives and Trump, with extreme foul language, that would never pass for FCC standards. And youtube puts them on the trending page all the time.

If TYT can call for the death of people, and yet still be approved because its leftist shock journalism, their 63 current content groups are just political groups censoring conservatives.

Other conservative FCC quality videos that actually AIR ON THE RADIO are removed, blocked, and censored because of these 63 and youtube censors.

Everyone knows whats going on, lets not even try to pretend that google doesn't have an agenda to fight conservatism.

Comment Firefox ignored users, tried to be an tech driver (Score 1) 272

Love firefox, still use it sometimes. But I switched to google because it fixed issues firefox had, and icing on the cake, android.
I felt firefox spent too much time on everything other than the browser, but then it had the best dev tools built in so I kept using it.
I didnt want firefox os, but I still use Thunderbird.

Firefox memories.

Firefox wasn't multi threaded enough so 1 tab would pause the entire browser.
Browser would crash and you would lose all your work
Each new version broke plugins
Firefox saving passwords was implemented after google, use the javascript trick for a long time.
Firefox uses its own datastore not windows, separate proxy, certs, etc.
Funky theme migration over versions when all I wanted was simple netscape'ish small layout.

Things I love about firefox that chrome still cant do well.

Debug traffic easily to track urls and assets
Source code view
Asset/Media page view is very handy
Right click save images when chrome won't
Great proxy support.

Comment Re:Core Wars (Score 1) 76

People are doing more home editing of family videos, most people won't have 800 dollar gpu's for hardware encoding.

So low end cpu's with lots of cores are needed.

For high end, nobody wants to spend 3-5k on a high core cpu, then 2x for a server. CPUs are too expensive right now because Intel has the monopoly.

Most my servers run around 8 to 12 core as blades, around 6 core for 1U to keep costs down. Both are 2 sockets.

Comment Its like printing free money (Score 4, Interesting) 364

While looking at debt of college, ignores the reason for the high costs. Colleges have been raising tuition prices because they know you will qualify for the loan and the loan will be repaid. There is a reason the borrowing has sky rocketed up to 1.3 trillion dollars, colleges are making buckets of money.

An example of alternatives, WGU Governors college was created to provide degrees for working people at a real affordable cost. Most people can buy a 40K car on a 6 year loan, but a 400k school loan, thats stupidly expensive.

The running joke is colleges are now just hedge funds with a college attached. And the money isn't used to lower tuition.

Selling free college is a scam the universities want, they think they will get paid at the same high price, just moving the cost to the government. (aka us the tax payers....)

I didn't even mention the money the sports teams are making also.

Comment And to think if I believed CNN (Score 1) 444

If I trust CNN, I'd believe we elected Hitler as President who rapes women, is a Russian spy, is ready to Nuke Russia, is a Chinese spy, is going to have his company build the wall to make money off it, allowed wall street to take over the white house, pepe is a racist frog, the alt-right took over the USA, every other news agencies other than CNN is #FakeNews, Breitbart is ran by Jewish nazi's, Milo is a white supremacist (And a gay jew who likes black men), Trumps wife was a high end call girl, Trump personally put black families on the street in NY, Trump was the downfall of Atlantic City, Trump was never rich and got all his money from his dad, Trump is an idiot and never graduated school (Warton is overrated, right?!), Trump will deport all Mexicans, Trump will never do anything for minorities and never touch a black issue (Like fund black colleges!), Ban all muslims from the US, Says Bigly not Big League, Filled stadiums of white men who are natzi's across the US, Is a secret KKK member, Grabs women by the pussy as they walk down the hallway.

Sure glad CNN is there to tell me the truth. Would hate to hear otherwise.

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