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Submission + - The Internet of Hate (slate.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: "After Charlottesville, Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right have become a lot less welcome on the web. So they’re building their own."

Submission + - Desktop Linux hits 3% marketshare for the first time (netmarketshare.com)

mpol writes: According to Netmarketshare, Desktop Linux has made it to 3% marketshare for the first time.
For the last year it was above 2%, and apparently the marketshare is increasing.
Windows is still at 90%, but slowly decreasing. MacOS is slowly crawling down below 6%.
The statistics for Linux include ChromeOS, as the 3 groups together are at 100%.
According to W3schools.com, Linux marketshare among their visitors has increased from 4.x% in 2013 to 6.x% in summer 2017. The Linux statistics for W3schools exclude ChromeOS which they see at 0.1%.
One can ask the question; is ChromeOS gaining marketshare, or is Desktop Linux doing something right?

Submission + - Google Accused of Suppressing News, abusing monopoly

An anonymous reader writes: A few years ago, when Google plus came out, Google encouraged people to put a "+1" button on their website. They confirmed that any news site that didn't do that would be lowered in the ratings. When a reporter wrote a story about it, Google pressured them into taking it down.

Google tries to suppress ideas it doesn't like

Submission + - Journalist couldn't help police, suffered harassment, threats and arrest

Andy Smith writes: I'm a press photographer. Slashdot has previously covered how the police used underhanded tactics to seize some of my work photos. But that was far from the end of the story. Several months of harassment culminated in me being arrested for standing in a field, something protected by law here in Scotland. I was given a police caution, which is a formal alternative to prosecution, but the police then cancelled the caution and prosecuted me anyway. Ironically, I was meant to be joining the police this month as a volunteer, but that has now been delayed by at least six months.

Comment Re: Time to plant trees (Score 1) 324

I don't know what kind of blackberry bushes drinkypoo was picking, but the Himalayan blackberries up in the Puget Sound area are abundant producers. We have a row maybe 30 feet long behind our fence that has probably a half gallon ripe every few days. The electric pole swath behind our subdivision is also covered with blackberries, and would easily match his experience.

Comment Re:They're surprisingly well organized (Score 1) 408

I agree to some extent, but I think even moderates on the right tend to want to force people to accept their morality and religion. For example, on same sex marriage or abortion rights.

I agree with this.

The left tends towards the principle of doing what you like as long as it doesn't harm others. I suppose conservatives would argue that too, except that two guys getting married "injures" them somehow, but leftists are just making trouble when they complain about naming that building after the guy who owned their ancestors.

But I disagree with this. The modern left tends toward the principle of doing what you like as long as it doesn't offend or have the potential for offending someone less-privileged than you.

It's the libertarians who support doing what you like as long as it doesn't harm others.

Comment Re: Not real useful (Score 1) 322

Maybe in your corner of it, homie.

I just googled M3. Strangely, not a mention of Tesla on the first page results:

BMW M3 - Wikipedia
Take the M3 Pledge - Modere.com
BMW M3 REview - BMW M3 Price, Photos, and Specs - Card and Driver
Used BMW M3 For Sale - CarMax
BMW M3 Pricing, Reviews and New Model Information - Autoblog
BMW M3 Sedan: At a glance
2017 BMW M3 quick take: All the details - Autoweek
M3 Global Research: Medial Market Research | Physician Research
M3 on the Forbes Innovative Growth Companies List

Comment Re: Five bucks for everything Disney owns? (Score 1) 130

I grew up on Okinawa, and I currently live in a heavy Hispanic state, so I do not have issues with accents and non-interaction of English as a second language. I just have an issue with poor pronunciation.

In that case, I think if you ever choose to watch it that you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the entire dialog is comprehensible.

Comment Re: Five bucks for everything Disney owns? (Score 1) 130

That is not the point. They deserve to be treated just like they treated their IT staff at Disney World. Like crap.

Fair enough

However, I did hear that the first one was pretty good, but the second one had parts of the movie where you could not understand the actors due to their heavy accents and guttural speech.

Except for someone who's never interacted with someone who speaks English as a second language, there should be no problems with understanding.

Comment Re:h8 crymes (Score 1) 486

But learning professional, respectful communication should not be part of this endeavor?

What is "professional" is subjective; a matter of personal preference or opinion. As far as providing basic human respect, not badmouthing or throwing around insults, that's a fundamental skill people should have before being admitted to university.

As for respect as a high-level of reverence, such as ego stroking other people, using grandiose greetings in everyday language, politeness excessively above what is normal treatment of peers, admitting to mentors' preferences, treating professors as bosses or superiors instead of equals in everyday conversation, and avoiding use of slang...... no, that is not part of the endeavor, except perhaps, in a communications course where such skooling could be germane.

OP explicitly said "classroom response," not "everyday conversation." I believe there is a difference.

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