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Comment Re:Wow.... (Score 5, Insightful) 410

It has everything to do with linking people and information, since hyperlinking copyrighted material is not considered a crime in Sweden.

Until now, because torrents are technically not much more than a file with links.

Of course there's an outrage. Linking copyrighted material is LEGAL in Sweden. Hosting copyrighted material for unlawful distribution is illegal. It is obvious that The Pirate Bay have not been involved in the latter.

They got a one-year prison sentence and 30 million SEK in fines for something that is legal.

Comment I don't know if this is actually such a great idea (Score 1) 273

This sounds like a great invention.

I mean, who wouldn't like to drive around with their mini-airplane, potentially bumping into cars, trees, mailboxes or senior citizens, or have it suffer some other unnecessary wear and tear, or have their cars messed with while parked only to find out that something vital has been broken while in mid flight?

The Internet

Submission + - Puzzling Wikipedia edits on wrestler's murder (wikinews.org)

glesga_kiss writes: An interesting article on wikinews points to edits of WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit's page on wikipedia suggesting foreknowledge of the murder. Edits from an IP in Connecticut, later followed by one from a wifi provider in Australia state that he cancelled an engagement due to the death of his wife. These were posted 13 hours prior to the polices discovery of the bodies after concerned family members asked the police to check up on him after erratic behaviour. A member of the Wikimedia Foundation has suggested that the IP address quite likely belongs to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

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