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Comment Re:Not justice (Score 1) 277

This is almost the only reason I like Japan's legal system. Convictions are heavily tied to not losing your job there. On the inverse? It's a bitch to get cut loose if you ARE innocent. Best you can hope for is the DA realizing this, getting you to sign a paper that says you did it, and time in lockup spent as your sentence. Good luck getting a job in that country afterwards however. On the major upside? People keep their noses extra clean in that country generally. That, or you reaaaaally are the only one to blame for pissing off the Yakuza.

Rather cool segway, Japan is finally trialing jury trials. I should check to see how those have been shaping up. Sure the results will be a bit bizarre.

Comment lol @ CSC (Score 1) 232

This is coming from someone at CSC? A company that eats up corporations IT in outsourcing operations then way understaffs the companies need for IT? These guys are pretty disorganized when it comes to delivering on a solution in my experience like just about every other outsourcing group. Whole thing smells of FUD so data-breaches due to not keeping on their toes can be just written off in the future.

Comment Re:Short Answer (Score 1) 657

And Chernobyl != anything that can happen today

Fukushima which is anchient tech will likely be cleaned up inside of 5 years with people living in the area contaminated within that timeframe with a much greater understanding of the situation. Chernobyl was undergoing stupid experiments without safeguards in place, in a country that probably had no buisness building a reactor like that at the time. Plus lets be honest, that looks more like a dump for post-coldwar relics that just happened to be in the contaminated area. Most of what's in that picture is tanks. Didn't know those were needed for anykind of humanitarian operations.

Comment Re:Nuclear Hologram. (Score 1) 251

I know I'm replying to an AC who can't participate in rational conversation, but who's the fucking idiot here? You know plants can't blow up right? They aren't god-damned bombs you ass. Not a single person has died from Fukushima's problems. Hell, only one person has had bad exposure to it, and they won't see any problems for 30-40 years, and that person CHOSE to put their life at risk because they are a hero. A plant worker far more intelligent that your attitude belittles. There are winners, and losers in this world. The winners are winners because they take the risks the losers were too affraid to take.

Comment Re:If land is so scarce in Japan (Score 1) 251

Yeah and that exclusion zone around Fukushima won't be around for too long. Cleanup is not that hard. The people who own the land however just have to want to clean it up. Hiroshima & Fukushima are prime examples of this. Visit either sometime. Both, are amazing cities I've fallen in love with that no one even thinks about radiation in those places. Those reactors issues are largely to do with new tech having obsticles with such englightened people such as yourself. Hell, 60+ years of this tech, and were barely at a 3.5 generation for reactors because of this BS attitude (seriously, get over it, a number of coal boilers blew up before the tech was safe). Fukushima reactors (all Gen 1) 5 & 6 were shut down due to age before the quake, and were likely going back online eventually due to no reactor to take up the slack (rolling blackouts happened because of them going offline). 1 was suposed to be decomissioned earlier this year because of the same reason, and the rest to follow soon after.

The tech is not the issue, the issue is the people who don't understand a damn thing about radiation past the invisible waves of energy that appear to be more like magic, and assume all are the same. I'm not saying your stupid, but you don't know enough to make informed decisions. Most of the material we use was mined ages ago for war efforts, it's got to be used at this point or the same storage issues. Heres a clue for ya, their containers were made to release their material very quickly. Not to mention, by the time it's all used up, the tech will be even more mature, and safe to the point mineing operations will be wanted because how easy it will be to handle compared to even now. I know none of this will change your mind (rational discussion is impossible with evangelists), but maybe others who read this will.

Comment Re:Short Answer (Score 1) 657

Um, you do realize that Solar requires gobs of oil & coal right? Making solar panels involve allot of environmental impact. Just displaces the location of the nasties away from your home. As long as the nasty bits aren't in your backyard it's ok right? I'm not saying Solar is bad, but it's all just roses and candy.

Comment Re:Short Answer (Score 2) 657

10000 years+? Huh? How stupid are you? Honestly, I'm asking a real question here, not a personal attack. All it seems you've bought into is the usual fearmongering bullshit. Have you actually BEEN to a place that has any fallout you bitch about? I've been to Hiroshima AND Fukushima. Know what I found? Deadgrowth on Miyajima island nearby Hiroshima, lush greenery, beautiful scenery, oh, and amazing cities bereft of any signs there was a radioactive event sans a handful of monuments. Hell, Chernobyl would be cleaned up by now if Russia had an active need for the land. The surrounding area isn't so bad, but actual money is required to dismantle the reactor that Russia doesn't have the money to spend. Japan on the other hand? Fukushima will likely have people living on the land again inside of 5 years.

Comment Re:Nuclear Hologram. (Score 3, Interesting) 251

WTH? Do you actually know anything about Japan? This is THE most real estate scarce country. Geothermal eats tons of realestate for the numbers it generates among other problems. Japan's solution IS the fission option. They need electricity, and boatloads of it. Most of the way people even get around that country comes from the gobs of elecricity the reactors produce. Plus really, if you knew a damn thing about spent material, the issue is finding another plant to reprocess it & use it because the current gens have been around 50+ years and wern't made with that in mind. Problem is, wackjobs stop the new reactors from going online so they can munch on the fuel you moan about sitting around. Truly spent fuel has very little radioativity left and thus, less of the need for difficult storage.

Hell, if you really wanna split hairs, the US? F-tons of weapons grade material laying around that HAS to be stored, or used, not to mention is aging. Which means the enclosures around them are going to crack eventually. Those material need to be used till the levels go down, and becomes a simpler task to store. But hey, I already know theres no changing your mind. Too much kool-aid has been drank on your part.

Comment Re:If they could get away with it... (Score 1) 91

Chinese do this to themselves already. Theres been a number of reports that have managed to seep out about this kind of thing. Generally happens with items that remain inside Chinese borders however. People get told to get on the trust for work for a few months, and aren't heard from until a police raid happens because the owner doesn't pay off the right officials anymore. Hell, it happens right in plain sight far too often. Hell, I was in a bath house in Shenzen. Cute little minx going to town on my legs & feet with one of the most badass massages I've had in years. She lives in the same building, is forbidden to leave unless she is quitting, her first SIX months of pay is taken by her suprvisor as a "thank you", oh, and I found out twards the end she was 17, and she seemed like on of the older women doing that. I'd had a number of massages, and other non-questionable services when I was there, but I got that one wrapped up to feeling a bit sickened by all of that, especially the last part. That kind of crap is just common-place. Especially giving anywhere from 6 months to a year of sallary to your boss.

Comment Re:Don't get one. (Score 1) 277

Actually I am French so thank you for noticing, of which, I'm quite proud of. As for knowing Japanese look down on me? Why yes I do know this, but there are bonuses among this kind of drawback. Making the smallest of attempts to assmiliate is almost treated as unheared of in Japan. This is the same place one of the most genuine people I know used to be a neighbor. Yet, he lived there for over seven years, and could barely mutter basic phrases. It's something I run into more often than not.

It is a country of in-group, out-group where each group is just part of an onion. Those who can't? Well, they can hang out with all the other awkward ex-pats for all I care. They all leave after a few years anyways after it loses it's novelty. Getting freaked out, and wanting to gobble up GC's that are much better used elsewhere however is just plain stupid regardless.

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