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Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 331

The problem that I see is that loyalty has swapped.
Where Senators and Representatives should have their loyalty in the following order.
To their State, to their Country finally to their Party.
Their loyalty seems to show they are more loyal to their party, then to the country and finally to the State they represent.

The few considered moderate republicans, are not necessarily moderate, but comprehend how such laws will effect their state, and their country first, vs the party line.

Comment Re: I wish they were still trying (Score 4, Interesting) 152

Actually cutting costs is a game to prolong failure.
Gateway 2000 back in the early to mid 1990s were well known for its quality. Sure they cost a bit more but it was worth the extra price. Then they started to cust costs and make cheaper products which made people to hate the product.
Dell in the mid 1990s to mid 00. Play the same story.
Mid 00 - mid teens Apple has the spot.
Now the question what is the quality computer line up that is coming up next?
Lenovo the think pad line has consistently kept its quality. HP? Acer? Microsoft?

In general while the tech crowd is more or less happy with getting a lot of cheap hardware. Most consumers want a good piece of hardware even if it costs extra money and even if it has a higher total cost of ownership.
Because we can get a computer at half the cost and during its lifetime we just need to replace half of its components. We still save money. But that is for the people who likes to fix these things. For average person such issues stress them out and having to fix their box is scary and resent having bought the product in the first place.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 261

There may also be a factor on where it lies in the uncanny valley curve.
Cars have a vaguely living like appearance. Headlights for eyes, bumper for a mouth, Grill for the noes, and is in a roughly living like positions. So we have more of a connection to a car, vs an ATM which is just a TV with buttons.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 2) 393

There is a line between discussion and Trolling.
Normally if there is a conflict between rights of the minority, vs the rights of the majority to oppress the minority. The minority group will win.

There was a discussion on how to improve diversity. The guys discussion was about stating such discussion is necessary.

Comment Re:For some use cases everything else is too big (Score 1) 232

There are a lot of technology that never made it. Just because the niche it tried to fill, wasn't popular enough with enough people.
It isn't that the product was bad, or it was useless. Just that not enough people could use it.
This often happens with devices that are meant to be cheap. Because people are willing to spend more for something better.

Comment Grrrr this makes me angry! (Score 4, Insightful) 95

I think the main issue, is the public comments on the news.
A lot of news, while interesting and useful isn't very worthy of comments or reactions of people. However nearly anything that goes on there will be a number of people with a strong feelings towards it, but with the size of a population a small minority will make a lot of noise. So there is a lot of noise from these small groups making them seem like the larger community is more polarized then they really are. Then this unfortunately loops back on people instinct to belong to a group, so they will support the nut jobs that they will side with on that topic, and they will support your or my crazy ideas on the topics I feel strongly about. Then we isolate the other guys and push them away from supporting details on your side.

If you talk to a politically polarized person, about a problem that hasn't been politicized yet, they often would think of rather moderate solutions for an off the cuff problem. However once it has been politicized their stance will change to be inline with their team.

Why do you think we have Flat Earthers?
Evolution Deniers lead to Global Warming Deniers lead to Moon Landing Deniers to Flat Earthers. Because it became a competition on who is more Anti-Science enough to join the Anti-Science group.
There are many other types of group of people who seem to want to be the most of that group, despite going too far.

Comment Re:Can they be that stupid? (Score 2) 348

We really need to put our nationalism aside when evaluating security. The FBI willing billions of dollars behind them, may not be any more effective at breaking into a phone then some guy living in his Moms basement. Is isn't Apple being a Jerk, or evil. They are trying to protect their customer base as well as they can. Because if word leaks out that their phones are insecure, Apple can be doomed.

Comment Re:How does it compare? (Score 2) 37

It will not wear out your connectors.
You do not strane your wires causing you to get new ones.
You can move your device without getting the jerk when you reach your end.
When not I. Use you don’t have bare connectors floating around getting dust, dirt or corrosion.
Having the cable not plug in just right.
It can allow some devices to become more sealed.
Being that qi is now standard that allows many makes and models to charge freely without different connectors (This seems to be mostly on Apple in 2018)

In my experience with phones over the last 20 years is that the main problem that I experience forcing an upgrade is the connector wears out on the device. And I often get damaged cable plugs I need to replace.

Comment Re:why does this matter? (Score 1) 253

I expect that the guy was trying to argue my assertion that “On a 486 you can do nearly anything you can do on any other 32bit computer.”
Except for the fact that I stated “nearly” a 486 can decode h264. It just can’t do it in real time or even close to it.
Yes there are exceptions, and some thing will be slow. But given enough ram and time it can be processed.
I can say the same about the 386 too as it was a 32bit cpu.

Comment Re:For some use cases everything else is too big (Score 1) 232

It isn’t that he shouldn’t. But the fact he is being so particular.
About it.
The guy clearly wants the same netbook with faster power and some updated browsers. However the netbook market was just a technology fad. So he is back to the following choices.
Chrome book
Desktop PC
Smart phone
Raspberry pi hack.

All are not the same as the netbook of old. But the netbooks didn’t last long on the market so their arnt any good replacement. He should just suck it up and get something different. If he is photo editing on a such an old netbook he probably isn’t using any tool that is too advanced and the stuff that comes with the alternative are just as good if not superior.

Comment Re:Re (Score 1) 253

My 486 motherboard supported up to 32megs. But 16 meg system were for high end use. Pc came with 4 megs which was considered good. Then I spent $650 for 16 more megs to get X11 to run smoothly that gave me a total of 20 megs with my gigabyte hard drive I was really rocking.

Comment Re:why does this matter? (Score 3, Interesting) 253

In 1994 I was using Linux on a 486 DX 50mhz originally with 4 megs of RAM. I had upgrade to 20 megs a few months later, so I could use X efficiently.
What can you do with a 486 Linux system? Probably more then you think. Just not as many things at once. You can run a web server, a database probably not both at the same time. However if you maxed the RAM you could get a lot done on slow CPU. If you checked you fast Computer most of the time your CPU is idle. On a 486 you can do nearly anything you can do on any other 32bit computer.

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