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Comment Re:Fuck Russia and fuck the US (Score 0) 158

Of course if that happens all the other countries will also be knocked down a peg or twenty.
The thing with Globalization, is with the big nations, trying to hurt the nation will only hurt yourself.
You are better off trying to get your country to be better itself then trying to bring the others down a peg.

You do not need to run your country like Trump.

Comment Re:The desktop is dead, long live the workstation! (Score 1) 551

Yes they did have NT for Workstations. However the market was different back then.
Screen sizes were normally 14-17 inch. Resolution wasn't much higher than 1024x768. Networking as a 10mbs lan (internet optional)
Also people were using Desktops (And desktop OS) for Workstation tasks as well, so it made sense to drop workstation once XP (based off the NT Kernel came out)

However with these mobile devices, the PC tasks of causal games, internet browsing, and simple document processing had been taken over. People are using PC less for those tasks.

Comment Re:Who gave them the money? (Score 2) 191

Transportation is one of those thorns in the side of politicians.
1. It affects everyone. Nearly every citizen in every social class is affected by transportation policies. This normally makes it difficult to propose theoretical partisan policies. Because if it fails, you are to blame for the failure.
2. It isn't exciting. A brand new lane on Rural Route 7, is expensive, and can have a positive impact. However it isn't something that you can call on a big win. Because now those Semi trucks shipping across states are no longer stuck behind slow tractors.
3. Success is neutral. While #1 means failure could hurt you, success doesn't bring any real political gain. This is why our infrastructure is normally just good enough.

Self Driving cars are exciting, and has public interest. Success in getting these out to the public, means Congressman X is moving the nation to the Future. Much like how the Railroads, and Interstate Highway was in the past. Being that this isn't costing any money, it is a rather easy vote.

Comment Re:"the Reddit community" (Score -1, Troll) 125

"AMD has faced calls from Edward Snowden, Libreboot and the Reddit community"

Yea those are all quality calls which if I hear their name I think to myself Yea I should give up my company secrets to them.

So we have a traitor, a rather unknown NPO, and a Message Board.
Come on you should at least get a Congressman, just to give the request some weight.

Comment Re:PC Market is dead? Delusional. (Score 1) 551

Not the PC Market, PC usage.
We still have a market for Mainframes. But for the most part new usage of computing people will not invest into a state of the art mainframe, but a server farm. However if you were a mainframe shop, upgrading to the newest and fastest mainframe would be advantageous, and you will probably be just as competitive as your non-mainframe counterparts.

What I call the PC, isn't the actual hardware, but how it is used. PC stands for Personal Computer, and our Personal Computer is our Smart Phone, or Tablet now. However these devices cannot do everything that the traditional PC had done, but these these have been workstation features.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1, Insightful) 551

Windows 7, really put a nail in the "I am a Mac and I am a PC commercials". Microsoft should be Lucky that Apple had been largely ignoring its Macintosh Line of computers because after Windows 8 Came out, Apple could had went right back on the attack.

Comment The desktop is dead, long live the workstation! (Score 4, Insightful) 551

The problem is that the PC Desktop is a dead market, it has gone to the Tablets and Phones for a normal personal computing. Thus the Windows 8/10 interface, is focused for this market. However the Table and Phone Market is dominated by Apple and Google, and Microsoft is a Distant Third.
What we need our x86 PC systems for is no longer a normal Personal Computer, but a Personal Workstation. For our Workstations, we don't need a Table OS, or a Server OS. But a work station OS, with UI features meant for people with a Keyboard, Large Screens, Who will be expected to have a lot of things going on at the same time.
I Personally would like to see less window decoration, and use the space for more application space. And be able to have many Apps running and visible at the same time. Perhaps in Re-sizable Frames vs Windows...
Normally now when I get out my PC it is because I have some real work to do, vs just goofing off.
This is different a decade ago. And the Windows 8/10 UI was an attempt to get into a market it never really go into.

Comment Re:Only Atari in name (Score 1) 110

Well name and access to IP rights. But in short that is what a company of any age is anyways.

The real question is what is Atari bringing new to the console market?
The XBox and Play Station market, Are competing for the High End gaming market.
Nintendo is mostly focused on the family market.

To compete against the XBox and Play Station. Atari will really need to push specs, and be open to other developers.
Atari going against Nintendo is only going to bring up old wounds.

The nostalgia market isn't that sustainable. Because this market is competing with people who are getting the Real Nostalgic product, Making their own with cheap equipment.

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