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Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 1) 822

Yeah great idea... Go green! Help fill other people's pockets! And then give the assholes a Nobel award! Oh, and fuck nature in the process! ... Fools...

I'm all for a better 'greener' world, but it must come from good scientific decisions! Not by fighting one perceived evil and helping create an even bigger evil...

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 3, Insightful) 822

Nothing sacred about it... Just another technology that is useful. I take a much more pragmatic approach than the 'green' religion. Nuclear (fission) *will* one day be replaced, either by better nuclear (fusion) or better anything. But stating that we will do fine with solar and wind is ridiculous, we need baseline power and for now nuclear is far superior to coal (and saves lifes, do not underestimate that!)...

Also to imply that nuclear power plants will eventually need to blow up suggests you've bought into the whole propaganda of fear and have no idea of the current state of technology. It's like claiming you will never fly a plane because you've seen a documentary about the crash of the Gavilland Comet... Or you won't drive a car because you heard the decades old story of cars that explode after a minor accident. These kind of sentiments are not constructive, when all people act like that no new planes or cars would even have been developed and the technology would have gone down in history as a dangerous failure... Currently people are doing the same with nuclear, condemning the technology because of flaws in 60 year old designs and decades old power plants. People are capable of learning from failure, and we have... but fear is holding back newer safer alternatives.

Had the green movement not opposed nuclear so virulently there would have been new power plants that replaced the older ones a long time ago (and especially no new coal plants being built all the time). The way I see it the green movement is damaging nature with the best intentions.

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 1) 822

CO2 is always touted as an advantage of nuclear but fuck that, it's not as significant as it seems... Some bigger advantages are: less toxins and fine dust particles than coal, less transport and mining needed for fuel (costing oil), possibility of recycling fuel (when research is not being stopped by 'greens'), and last but not least it releases less radioactive material than coal power plants!!! Coal contains small radioactive particles so the exhaust from a coal power plant is always slightly nuclear, and much more than would ever be detected around a nuclear power plant. Even with the meltdowns in history the nuclear material released is insignificant in comparison to all the nuclear material slowly released from coal.

I'd rather live next to a nuclear power plant than a coal power plant, it will be better for my health and as less risky overall and I am a strong supporter research to make nuclear more renewable but at the moment it is already the best option when compared to coal plants (only natural gas plants have an advantage and in the near future geothermal, which should all be used). Nuclear has the potential to be almost entirely renewable... The raw resources can be described as 'fossil fuel' (although fossil implies from living tissue, but I digress) but can be used again and again with a breeder reactor yielding an even higher energy density and less waste. Also uranium is not necessarily the best option for power plants (Thorium has better properties for example) but was used from the start because of the option to create weapon grade plutonium. The options are there and the science needs to be explored, to dismiss this great technology without considering what it currently is and can become is crazy. There will be a time when we will not need fission anymore, when fusion is working on a commercial scale it will be obsolete immediately... But the 'green' religion will probably find fault with that too...

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 1) 822

I hardly believe the cost would rise to 2 EUR, but you might be right some increased cost will be there. But when you start counting total cost like that the coal plants are *much* more expensive, both in money and lifes! Also it seems to me the cost of wind power is often underestimated... the total power generated is overestimated and the power needed to build the turbines is underestimated. So the same dilemma that the total cost is not considered seems to be valid for all forms of power generation...

My point is that I love solar, wind, water and geothermal power and all need to be used and developed, but nuclear is the best baseline power generating option we have available at the moment and leaves much room for improvement... It's ironic that the green movement lobbied to halt the development of new technologies that were meant to overcome the limitations that are now being used as arguments against developing new nuclear technology. It's circular reasoning! And furthermore it's an affront to the goals these green organizations set out to achieve. Greenpeace alone caused more harm to the environment that it ever helped prevent, they are not in it for nature but for money. Bunch of greedy self-righteous assholes, but people tend to believe warnings of imminent doom and are willing to give cash and protest to prevent that doom even if they know deep down that this will only lead to another danger that is slow to kill and less visible but that is how psychology works.

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 1) 822

Are you denying that acting out of fear will lead to worse decisions? Like building more coal plants that will cost many more lives each year than nuclear in all history. Whether this referenced the current situation, recent history or history from almost a century ago is irrelevant, the point stands that people tend to overlook obvious flaws in their logic when they are afraid and hysterical.

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 1) 822

There are always reasons why hysteria is exploited... the experts get their 15 minutes of fame, the green party gets power, and greenpeace gets richer from suckers that think they are actually helping the environment. It's funny that all people who live within a few kilometer from the nuclear power plant are OK with it (and even love the benefits that it gives their small towns), but it's the out-of-touch-with-reality people who live a safe distance and probably have never seen an actual nuclear power plant up close that are all up in arms about it... Knowledge will obviously help since people that are informed are not afraid, but there is a deliberate attempt to give people disinformation and scare them for the reasons mentioned before: fame, power and money.

Comment Re:By coincidence... (Score 2, Insightful) 822

I feel much safer knowing that the nation with the best track record in the world for engineering is now producing nuclear power for a nation that is mostly ridiculed for their track records in engineering and military prowess! Oh wait...

But seriously, it is very disappointing to see the Germans make a rash decision from a scared gut-feeling instead of sticking to science and intelligent logic... The last time they did this it didn't work out so well for the rest of Europe, or them in the end for that matter...
History lesson: We all lose when they do dumb shit like this because of scared misinformed masses.

Comment Re:Okay, I give up (Score 3, Funny) 145

It's Slashdot. It's always been this way. People submit worthless articles, counterproductive articles, pointless articles, slashvertising articles, articles which perceptibly reduce the collective IQ of the universe.... which editors (don't) improve...

... and people complain about this... Don't forget the complaining part!!! It's an integral part of the traditions in Slashdot history... As is complaining about all the complaints when people should know better because this is Slashdot after all... ;)

Comment Re:Goodbye (Score 1) 338

You are right to be surprised... Even though the US just recently voiced their opinion on the great firewall and middle eastern nations filtering the Internet as 'serious restriction of freedom'. But the fact that the US condemns something just means that it's bad if someone else is doing it, let's look at some history of things the US condemns:

- Torture and other severe human rights violations
- Not adhering to international rules of armed conflict
- Attacking other nations without declaration of war
- Killing unarmed civilians
- Cooperating with terrorists
- Restricting people's freedom to move
- Spying on your own citizens
- Religious nutjobs screaming for blood in government
- Military missions on friendly sovereign soil
- Restricting freedom of speech
- Filtering the Internet

As you can see by the US own standards *they* are 'the bad guys'... these were real condemnations made by the US (and sometimes reason to invade countries and prosecute people). I have literally seen news broadcasts where the US condemns another state for restricting the Internet and freedom and in another newsitem in the same broadcast I see the announcement of these new laws restricting the Internet in the US... talk about a double standard!

Oh land of the free, how deep you have fallen...

Comment Search engine over HTTPS without logs of any kind (Score 5, Insightful) 338

Search engine over HTTPS without logs of any kind (like Duckduckgo). This way they can't prove the search engine sent the user to the "worst of the worst" site... You still need alternate DNS and/or proxy/VPN to get to the site, but at least sites can still be found with search engines.

What surprises me here is that they want to block the "worst of the worst" and they haven't even mentioned the tired old kiddie porn angle... that is certainly worse than anything! The only way they could surprise me more is by being so honest as naming the future targets: all sites opposing corporations in any way and all sites that spread generic 'anti-american' messages (a.k.a. terrorists). Wikileaks will be one of the first of the sites we know that will be blocked like this... all such sites after that will not even be known to anyone when they are blocked, not listed in searches and not mentioned in media.

Doubleplus goodmove Minitrue!!!

Comment Re:Perpetual Percolation (Score 1) 121

If I were you I wouldn't let these little buggers anywhere near a coffee machine or you'll soon have an office plague on your hands... But at least being quarantined together with the coffee machine beats being quarantined without access to coffee at all!

Comment Re:Sure. (Score 0) 730

Flat tax on taxable income leaves room for gradation. If for example the taxable income in your net income - X thousand threshold... It's elementary math and makes for a smoother gradient than tax boxes...

You are way too easy with your 'right' wing / 'left' wing nonsense labeling, it's sad really... People are right wing extremist communist atheist terrorist hippies just because you *think* they are not on 'your' side.

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