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Comment Re:Attitudes (Score 4, Interesting) 223

Things won't improve until two things are addressed. First FOSS devs drop the attitude that "It crashes sometimes" is an acceptable condition for software intended for productive work.

Really? That's the attitude of FOSS developers? I call that BS.
I think chances are spoiled users of proprietary software mistake being able to communicate directly with the developers with entitlement that a developer has to jump directly when a user discovers a bug.
No, bugs are handled with different priorities and just because a bug annoys you the most, it is not necessarily the most crucial bug to fix first.

If you want bug priorities to change, just announce to give 100 bucks to whoever fixes a bug you run into.
Bug bounty programs are quite common in FOSS.

Comment Re:Not to mention Audio Editing (Score 5, Informative) 223

Audacity is a simple wave editor, not a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
Audacity's direct competition are GoldWave, Nero Wave Editor, and so on and Audacity blows them all out of the water in areas that are objectively measurable, i.e. file compatibility, encoding performance, etc.

But comparing Audacity to a DAW is unfair. They are just different things with just some overlapping feature set – kinda like comparing a pure text editor with a word processor.

Comment Re:Bling... (Score 1) 155

The only reason Bing has 12.5% of the market is because it is the default search engine for any MS-based product, including (especially) its cell phones. Most people switch to Google as quickly as possible, but some just keep the defaults.

I doubt Windows Phone has a market share big enough to make a dent. More likely Siri from iOS.

Comment Re:icewm (Score 1) 611

I've been testing out various distros since 1998, and that's been my experience all the way back: to run at the same clip as the concurrent Windows, linux (at least with the desktops of equivalent competence and featureset) needs about 3x the hardware under it.

Clip? What clip?
Are you referring to some internet video played using Flash? Flash under Linux is about as crappy as Flash under OSX. Officially Flash under Linux supports some form of video acceleration but I never saw it work properly. Luckily the world is moving to HTML5 video.

For a while AMD tried pushing their own video acceleration technology under Linux. AFAIK nothing noteworthy ever supported that. Luckily at least their open source drivers started supporting VDPAU, originally invented by NVidia. AMD's proprietary Catalyst drivers do not support VDPAU natively and require a small wrapper library.

Comment Re:Windows 7 it is (Score 1) 611

Unfortunately, Windows 7 turns out to be much more stable, consistent, faster and more productive in every way compared to the mess of Gnome, Unity etc encountered these days with Ubuntu.

Duh. Canonical has very few resources to throw behind actual maintenance. Red Hat is the company to go for commercial-grade stability and support.

Comment Re:icewm (Score 1) 611

Intel has probably spent an order of magnitude more engineering time in optimizing its Windows display drivers specifically for smooth motion under Aero.

Intel writes two completely different drivers. Their Windows driver shares zero code with Linux's. Therefore there are use cases in which Linux performs better and others where Windows is better.

Linux is also inherently more difficult to optimize for because it is far more diverse. This isn't a problem for more powerful CPUs and graphics cards, but those with less powerful devices are going to feel some pain.

If what you wrote were true, NT kernel-based Windows Phone 8 would easily run on hardware Linux (Maemo, MeeGo, low-end Android) runs.

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