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Comment Re:All together? (Score 5, Insightful) 349

It just astonishes me how many places these Russian troll farms end up. I've been on some pretty obscure forums of late, and when the topic of Russia comes up, all of a sudden you have these streams of messages about how bad the US is, or how Russia isn't a threat to anyone. I think back over the last five or six years about all the posters I just sort of disregarded at the time as being nutty conspiracy theorists ranting on about the evils of the US government, and now I wonder if at least some portion of those posters really are just Russian trolls. They've pulled off some pretty interesting, if odd stunts, like duping Texan secessionists.

Comment Re:Nuclear Winter is A-OK... (Score 1) 295

Go to your cognitive therapy sessions. Your Aspergers tendency to black and white thinking is taking over. Airforces began simply as extensions of existing militaries in the leadup to WWI and didn't really become separate services until later, but the intent of hte Founding Fathers was pretty damned clear, that the Federal government was responsible for defense.

Comment Re:Nuclear Winter is A-OK... (Score 0) 295

Exactly. The US has a diplomacy-denying, science-denying administration that basically wants government agencies to give it a blank check to do whatever it wants (even if it has no idea what it wants). What counts is quick buck and a quick bang to keep the base chanting, even if they start pulling tufts of hair out. After all, you can always blame it on Democrats and John McCain!

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