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Comment Re:Does this include Agent Orange... (Score 1) 338

You accused me of being a partisan, I disproved your point. AT this point you're desperate to make criticism of Trump look like some sort of attack on a particular political ideology. I'm saying that's rubbish, the issues with Trump aren't fundamentally ideological, they are fundamentally issues of competence. I think you know it, which is why you didn't actually respond to what I said, but simply repeated your assertion.

Comment Re:Does this include Agent Orange... (Score 1) 338

When I consider the actions of previous presidents, whether they be Obama, GWB, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, and so on and so forth, no, I don't think it is the least bit partisan to view Trump as being a lesser man in virtually every from even the least of them. I think you have to go back to the 19th century, perhaps Buchanan or Johnson, before you find a man less capable, and at least with Buchanan, you can argue that he was more a prisoner of circumstance than an outright bad president.

You see, partisanship means I dislike Trump because he's a Republican. I don't dislike him because he's a Republican. I dislike him because he's an idiot, and much worse, an idiot who thinks he's a genius. Even the likes of GWB and Reagan seemed sufficiently self-aware to understand their own limitations. Nobody asks for brilliance in a President, and some might argue that that could be hazardous in and of itself, but at least some level of understanding of the powers and limitations of the office, and the importance of each utterance for better and for worse.

Trump isn't one of the worst presidents in history because he's a Republican. He's one of the worst presidents in history because he's vain and stupid. It's my personal opinion that the stupidity is a relatively recent think, and likely a sign of cognitive decline; probably dementia. In all honesty, while I find Pence a pretty damned odious figure, I'd sooner have a sane evil man in the highest of all offices than Donald Trump. Evil can be dealt with, supreme arrogance coupled with jaw-dropping incompetence.

He is simply inadequate to the tasks at hand.

Comment Re:What did Trump leak? (Score 1) 338

The news is a business, and "shocking new details!!!!" is how that business makes money. Blaming the media for publishing the leaked information is essentially trying to pass the buck. The US's allies freely share intelligence with US police and intelligence agencies with the understanding that the information is to remain confidential, and if some fuckwad somewhere who has access to that information decides for profit or kudos to phone up a newspaper and say "Guess what I got!" then that IS a US Government problem.

I think this whole "blame the media" is just starting to get tiresome

Comment Re:It's still confidential and classified. (Score 3, Interesting) 338

I suspect that's the policy going forward. As it stands, the UK has already now decided it will not be doing any free information sharing over the Manchester suicide attack, and so far as I'm aware, that's the first time that such a suspension between these two allies has ever happened, or at least has ever been publicly acknowledged. This is the damage the leaky Trump administration is doing, so my assumption going forward is that the three letter agencies, to maintain critical intelligence links with close allies like Britain and Israel, will now know longer be making such information readily available to the President. In other words, the process of sidelining President Trump has begun. Within a few months, impeachment will likely be irrelevant, as he'll be left with little real power, and he'll be like Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson were in the final years in the presidency; figureheads while subordinates take on the role of the functional presidency.

Comment Re:Hillary would have been better? (Score 0) 338

She lost the election. You can put your hyperbole gun down. No one seriously believes she was going to start WWIII or build death camps. Trump won, and now every moronic thing he does is down to him, so constantly talking about how evil Hillary was is little more than endlessly trying to resuscitate a now extinct red herring.

Trump is a shitty fucking President. Other than his shrinking base, everyone knows it. House Republicans know it. Senate Republicans know it. Government agencies know it. Most voters know it. Foreign leaders know it. For chrissakes, it's pretty likely that the likes of Pence and Tillerson know it. The man is an idiot, and an increasingly destructive idiot whose lack of self-control, self-awareness, or even an understanding of the job he managed to win are already creating dangerous instabilities.

So if it makes you feel better to imagine Hillary Clinton's defeat as some sort of replay of the 1933 German election, except this time the lesser evil one, well all I can say is that in my view, you're a fucking idiot.

Comment Re:We are suck (Score 1) 338

Yes there is a hierarchy, and it's a bit stricter among canids, or at lest wolves, where you have a breeding pair and everyone else is subordinate. But the same applies to most Hominoids (orangutans are a bit different as they are a more solitary member of the family), where you do have a hierarchy, but it's not as if every moment of every day for a chimpanzee or a gorilla is taking up with trying to beat the shit out of each other for dominance. The Spencerian notion of nature, which is so often adopted by those trying to justify various forms of authoritarianism is false, at least as it applies to most social species of mammals. Even the dominant chimp, if he's too much of an arsehole, can end up driven out of the tribe... or worse.

Comment Re:Online sports (Score 2) 98

But how much longer is that going to last? Once cable viewership falls below a certain threshold the sports leagues are going to jump ship in a hurry, and either find a new middle man to broadcast games online, or simply make their own. The whole business model only works so long as the cable companies can guarantee the leagues and advertisers sufficient viewers. That's why I think cord cutting, when it reaches a critical mass, is simply going to see cable TV collapse. There's a point at which it isn't sustainable anymore.

Comment Re:It's all BS (Score 4, Insightful) 338

I think up until recently most people in the intelligence agencies still assumed they were working for a rational human being capable of reflection, reason and self-control. Now that everyone both in the US intelligence services and overseas understands that they're dealing with an arrogant halfwit, they will simply route everything around him. And that's the irony of it all, that Trump's attempt to look like the Big Man, the ultimate Alpha Male, is actually going to render him impotent. Congress, the three letter agencies, foreign allies, everyone is basically going to do what they can to either get around him or undermine him. He is going to become one of the most useless and isolated Presidents in US history. It wouldn't surprise me that even without impeachment and removal, the US will end up with a Pence presidency in all but name; a sort of replay of the last couple of years of the Wilson Administration.

Comment Re:That's because we keep getting shit on. (Score 1) 98

We were on satellite for about eight years, and suffered the same sorts of abuses. At one point we were paying over $120 (Canadian dollars), and really, mostly what I was watching was Turner Classic Movies and a couple of other movie channels. I can't remember the last time I actually watched a network television show as a broadcast, probably the early seasons of House back in the mid-00s. We finally decided we were wasting money and began chopping off packages, and then the exact same thing happened, suddenly the channels we did watch got split into other packages so we were either faced with paying for a package for just one channel or abandoning the channel. On top of that, they would regularly bump the base cost by $5 so that even when we did get some savings, we ended up handing it back to them. In the end, I just decided that a couple of movie channels I really liked and my wife's home improvement/cooking channels weren't worth it, and we just canceled the service.

Honestly, I haven't even gone to Amazon Prime. I don't watch nearly as much TV as I used to, and Netflix has enough interesting content that when I feel like brainless entertainment, it usually serves it up. For news, I prefer to read it anyways, but the local TV stations all do streaming of their broadcasts, so if I do want to watch the 5 o'clock news, it's there for me. I can't imagine ever actually going back to cable or satellite. If I want to watch a series that bad, I either find it on the Internet, or with a few movies and shows I like, I just buy the whole damned thing off of Google Play. I swear, I went to play a DVD last weekend, and it took me a few minutes to even remember how to use the damned DVD player! And that was after I swept the dust off of the damned thing. We have about 150 DVDs, and we don't even watch those anymore, I just tell the kids to get me a Google Play gift card for Christmas and birthdays.

Comment Re:Dumped my TV in 1989 (Score 1) 98

With ESPN dying and more and more sports ending up online, I'd say the reasons for anyone to want cable television are rapidly dying. It's actually amazing to watch an industry collapse. Mind you, most cable carriers are also ISPs, so they get their pound of flesh either way. The really vulnerable sector is the big TV networks, who are going to have to retool fairly quickly, because I think cable TV is likely going to fall off a cliff rather than simply fade away.

Comment Re:It's all BS (Score 4, Insightful) 338

To some extent that's true, but generally the US intelligence does its best to keep the secrets that it gains from its allies under wraps. The free exchange of intelligence between Britain and the US has been a cornerstone of the Atlantic Alliance since WWII, and Britain has every right to be furious that classified information it exchanged with partnering agencies in the US ended up on the front page of newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic.

This wasn't strategic leaking of information. This wasn't some scheme to use classified information to gain some advantage. It was just the big mouths that currently run the Administration spouting off because they're a band of irresponsible children. Like Trump blabbing off about Israeli intelligence, this is going to have ramifications, both for information sharing between the US and its allies, and likely between the White House and the three letter agencies. It's becoming crystal clear that the current Administration cannot be trusted with classified information, and Congress and the three letter agencies are probably simply going to start withholding information, both to preserve active operations, and to preserve critical foreign alliances that the Trump Administration is putting at risk.

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