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Comment Tinker Status Only (Score 1) 369

We don't want driverless-cars, we just want to tinker with our car. So we can occasionally take our hands off the wheel and surf. Thats about it.

Here's what I see.
1) Mandated logging in the car to get traces as you said (for good).
2) RFID license plates manditory for all cars (for good).
3) Then increase traffic by Amazon delivery drones.
4) Bullying of drones (because we can).
4) Then pay-per-mile tolls imposed by governments (since it will be easy, starting with cities).

Don't wish for this. Just advocate tinkering with your car. Advocate texting if its safe. Let insurance dictate safety, not the DOT.
And if you are really bored, get paid to drive around for wikispeedia. IMHO, Google isn't fixing anything, they are just having fun tinkering with their car as I want to.
Jim Pruett, Director (901) 213 7824

Comment Re:so what is porn? (Score 1) 310

The UK is still ruling the civilized world. I would like to wonder what super powers like Germany do?
Funny story, 20 years ago when I signed on with the first ISP in Memphis named "Magibox", they made me mail them a photograph of myself to get access to usenet (so I could get my porn on).
How times have changed.
But seriously, how hard is it for wikipedia to allow us to rate a page? PG, PG-13. Its a simple as the voting on stumbleupon. 99 percent trustworthy I imagine.
Get paid to crowdsource speed limits

Comment Re:What are they trying to achieve? (Score 1) 244

I love you man, but look at the big picture. It's illegal, so it will have enforcement. The best you can hope for is enforcement-theater. So if you have some new cool technology to get around this, doll it out as slowly as possible. IMHO, Amazon will do the best job at enforcement. They now only charge $3 for any movie. Not worth pirating any more, but still there, keeping the giants in check.

Help eliminate stupid speeding tickets.

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