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Journal Journal: Ebay auctions 4 pieces of paper, for over 2 million dollars

Imagine the path of a single seed, that grows into a tree, and is harvested to manufacture paper. Paper that is sold as stationary, used to print out a four page letter, and is signed by 41 Democratic U.S. Senators. In less than a single month, a letter only four pages long, became worth more that two million dollars. Amazing.

Now that two million will be matched by the patriotic U.S. citizen that is holding that auction to become over four million total, and donated to a charity that aids children of fallen soldiers and officers. Free Speech is hard to put a price on, but the Free Market has just spoken about its value, and that should send a clear message to those that would abuse their official power, and seek to deny us our sacred 1st Amendment Rights

Journal Journal: Are you an Internet Expert?

Have you ever asked someone for their email address? Have you ever read a joke about President Bush on the internet? Have you ever refered to yourself as an 'Internet Expert'? Because Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea has done all three. During summit talks this week between North Korea and South Korea, Kim Jong Il replied "I'm an Internet expert too. It's all right to wire the industrial zone only, but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired" showing how clearly he understands the danger the internet poses to the people of North Korea.

Imagine how great your own government would be, if it had 'Internet Experts' like Kim Jong Il to protect you, and censor dangerous speech on the internet, TV, and radio.
The Media

Journal Journal: YouTube Continues To Prove Its Value

Traditional media like newspapers, radio, and television are sometimes refered to as the fourth branch of goverment. This unoffical branch serves the public by keeping them informed of political and social events. YouTube on the other hand is mostly just a search repository for short video clips, but in the hands of citizens, armed with cameras, it can prove to be a powerful force for democracy. This power can be witnessed with how quickly news has spread of a recent incident involving University of Florida students, John Kerry, an annoying questioner, and six police officers that felt threatened enough to warrant use of a taser gun. YouTube1 YouTube2 Article1

Journal Journal: Proprietary Software Restrictions Threaten Space Station 5

Software used on three critical computers that control the orientation of the station continue to fail, even upon reboots. Even worse is the fact that Russia won't troubleshoot the system over communications they don't fully control, which means they must wait until the station is within a line-of-sight of a Russian ground station, which won't happen until Thursday. Could this incident provide incentive to consider use of open source software for future international space stations?

Journal Journal: Computer glitch sends international space station spinning

A glitch in a navigation computer, aboard the international space station, recently caused a number of problems that included a loss of gyroscope management. Gyroscope systems are used to keep the station properly orientated, and without them it began to spin out of control. Fortunately the space shuttle was there, and the crew used their thrusters to manually keep the station aligned until "flight controllers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston came up with an untried technique for switching orientation control back to the station's control moment gyroscopes without going through the Russian command-and-control computers." And I thought my job was stressful.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Lost Fans - A Tribute to Mikhail 7

Mikhail is the man.

Mikhail is always prepared. Who else would think to bring a hand grenade to an underwater radio jamming station? In fact he travels with a dozen grenades, two assault rifles, a knife, an emergency medical kit, and a set of scuba gear down his pants.

Mikhail is an excellent fighter. Back when the purge was going on, Mikhail roundhouse kicked some guy so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, traveled through an infinite number of parallel universes, and knocked the poor bastard into an alternate dimension where no one could see him. His name was Jacob.

The others live in a little gated suburb, and hide from Smokey behind a sonic fence. Not Mikhail, he has his own pad, with beers in the fridge, and an entertainment center that gets all the pr0n channels. When anyone comes near, he shoots at them, including that wus Ben. The 2 tons of explosives rigged throughout the place don't bother Mikhail at all, he didn't call it the Flame for nothing, this is a man's station, not one of those girly sounding stations like the Swan, the Pearl, or the Looking Glass. No, Mikhails place is a mans place and he doesn't clean it, when it gets dirty he just blows it up and builds a new one.

The others built the polar bear cages, not for their own protection, but to save the polar bears from Mikhail. He luvs a good beach barbecue.

Lock did throw Mikhail into the sonic fence once, but Mikhail let him. There's no Russian vodka on the island so Mikhail drinks that crappy Dharma beer that leaves you with one hell of a hangover, and a little jolt from the sonic fence clears Mikhail right up. He even said "thank you" afterward, what a gentleman.

Mikhail sleeps with a Dharma nite-light on. Not because he's afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of him.

Mikhail is a master of all weapons, and an excellect shot. Do you remember when he was shooting at Desmond out on the boat. He missed you say? Look again and you'll notice Mikhail is firing right handed, looking through the sight with his patched right eye. No, it wasn't a blooper, using his other eye just wouldn't be sporting. Might as well use a bazooka to shoot a squirrel.

Mikhail wasn't born, he was grown in a Russian super-lab, with DNA from a 9-lives cat, Chuck Norris, and a tank.

For anyone that thinks Mikhail died in the season finale, think again, how could Desmond possibly get a spear-gun made from real kyptonite. The Island won't let Mikhail die anyway, it has to prevent the universe's coolness quotient from plummeting to critical levels and getting the show canceled.
The Courts

Journal Journal: The "what's a web site?" Judge, now exonerated.

Judge Peter Openshaw had been quoted as saying "I don't really understand what a Web site is". While the quote was accurate, it was reported out of context, and with a bit of sensationalism (judge admitted on Wednesday he was struggling to cope with basic terms like Web site) resulted in some jokes as his expense.

Since then, the Judicial Communications Office has released the following statements. "Mr Justice Openshaw was simply clarifying the evidence presented, in an easily understandable form for all those in court," and "Mr Justice Openshaw is entirely computer literate and indeed has taken notes on his own computer in court for many years," Reuters source
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: How many Slashdotters does it take to change a light bulb? 9

1 to change the light bulb, and submit the technical details to Slashdot
1 to insert grammatical errors, and publish the summary
2 to claim First Post!
3 to quip that in Soviet Russia light bulbs change you
2 to inform everyone the linked article has been Slashdotted
1 to link a cached copy of the article
3 to link another article about Japanese robots that can change a light bulb for you
4 to welcome our new lightbulb changing overlords
8 to let us know they think the President is a dim bulb
5 to mention they changed all their light bulbs 3 days ago, and Slashdot is no longer cutting edge
9 to link to a duplicate light bulb story
6 to explain the connection between bulb manufacturers and the evils of Capitalism
3 to copy paste some very technical electrical information and pretend they just wrote it offhand
3 to claim new light bulbs are better than older ones
5 to refute those claims, and defend older bulbs
3 to tell us how much they love their Apple iLights, even if they are expensive
5 to expose that MS lightbulbs have extra features incompatable with standard bulbs
2 to discuss whether it should be written "light bulb" or "lightbulb"
5 to claim arrogant Americans should know it's called a "lamp" where they live
4 to quip I'm blind, you insensitive clod!
1 to claim to be the true inventor of the light bulb, shortly after inventing the internet

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