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Comment Re:Queue the slashdot Nokia/MSFT hating. (Score 5, Insightful) 186

This is SLASHDOT. We are BIAS.

You mean the company that single handedly set the web back at least five years and has been criminally convicted for anti competitive behavior and the company that is being run into the ground by the 8th largest shareholder of the previously mentioned company?

Gee, I wonder why anyone would hate them.

Comment Let's nip this one in the bud (Score 5, Informative) 642

The Laptop Hunters campaign is almost 4 years old, and completely irrelevant in this day and age when we're talking about perception of value, it costs just over $300 to buy into Apple's ecosystem and even less to buy into Google's..

I find it interesting that this tidbit was glossed over.

However, the scene wasn’t so rosy for Microsoft at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, where analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray and team observed and tabulated traffic and sales at Microsoft and Apple stores. Microsoft saw 47 percent less foot traffic than the Apple Store did, and far fewer sales — 3.5 items per hour, compared with 17.2 items per hour at the Apple Store, as reported by Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt. Most of the items purchased from the Microsoft Store were Xbox 360 games. During the two hours that the Piper Jaffray team observed the Microsoft Store, they didn’t see any Microsoft Surface tablets being purchased.

Comment Re:"Walled gardens" are in (Score 1) 488

You're confusing 'no walls' with 'walls with a gate'. Android is most certainly walled on anything that matters, the wall just has a gate. Ubuntu for all intents and purposes isn't worth talking about as no one cares enough to run it at this point in time.

You're hiding behind semantics, Android users can install apps on their own. Windows Phone and iOS users have to go through the App Store. If the checkbox bothers you there are builds that don't have it, that's the beauty of Open Source. As far as Ubuntu goes, it's a very popular distribution with developers.

Comment Re:Welcome to obamaworld (Score 3, Insightful) 212

I really like how the Republicans always want to let "the market" take care of things, then it fails and we have to bail banks out with public money. A system based purely on greed and search for profit is as unsustainable as a pure communist doctrine.

You keep chasing that carrot though.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 245

We're calculating lost downloads, now? And I thought lost sales due to piracy was a stupid metric...

It's not when they go down 63% when the glitch occurs and come back to normal the day it's been fixed. This is not about counting every user who pirates something as potential buyer, this is more like seeing your sales go down when a crack comes out and then go back up when the crack no longer works.

Comment Re:Not like Nokia's other phones were selling (Score 1) 409

Samsung shipped a lot of S3s to retailers but they aren't actually saying how many of them sold. I have only seen three in the wild, approximately one for every seven hundred iPhones I have seen.

Ah yes, the old shipped but not sold bullshit, here:

Also, their sales are increasing, not decreasing:

Comment Re:Not like Nokia's other phones were selling (Score 1) 409

Profits on Android phones can be measured in the $5-10 per unit range, not the $150-350 *PROFIT* per device that the iPhone has.

Who cares what the monthly sales figures of Android are? You could fling them out the cargo door of a C-130 over Somalia and it'd be no less profitable for the phone manufacturers.

You know it really cracks me up when people say shit like this, "people buy Android phones because they're cheap" and then you bring up devices like the Galaxy S3 which is sold at the same price as the iPhone and was outselling it for most of the year and they go red in the face and say "IT'S MADE BY SAMSUNG IT DOESN'T COUNT".

No why the fuck are Samsung's WP7 devices not selling at all?

Comment Re:How many more? (Score 1) 409

The optimism for Windows Phone in the press really does surprise you? Why? It may be distinctly mediocre, but it is backed by massive advertising and connections.

People said this 2 years ago when WP7 first came out. 1 year ago when the first Nokia WP7 phones came out and 6 months ago when Nokia's flagship WP7 phone came out.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 5, Interesting) 521

You're right, when it comes to the consumer market. But Microsoft is still firmly entrenched in business. I predict large corporations will eat up Microsoft's new tablet.

Yeah. Microsoft is like RIM. Entrenched in business. They have nothing to worry about from Apple.

Right now MS Office compatibility, lack of mouse support and USB host file access on an iPad are the only things stopping me from taking away the laptops from our sales force, so for now they're getting both a laptop and an iPad. They're all leaving their laptops at home and using them at the end of the day.

Apple have every chance to kill Microsoft if they so choose, they just don't know it yet.

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