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Comment Re:Battary swaps... (Score 3, Interesting) 366

A standard battery pack would mean they become very common and very cheap. How will the auto makers make any money if they can't charge a ridiculous price for a SLIGHTLY different part that is only on 2 models?

But seriously folks, the auto manufacturers would fight tooth and nail to NOT use standardized parts so they can have a huge markup on THEIR brand of part.

Comment Re:I would ask them why only 3 days (Score 1) 211

Except it won't be the same game as original SWG. I think GP meant that it will be subject to some of the same disastrous decisions that killed SWG and not the game play. It's already a class lock-in, level based game. That already puts it closer to the NGE version of SWG than it does to the original version. I don't have high hopes for this game. After what George Lucas did to the franchise, along with how SWG was killed, Star Wars is mostly dead to me now.

Comment Re:So what about the OS? (Score 1) 385

no, because the subject of the article lost his license to play the game when he used a external hack program

OK, this is a scary thing. This would effectively allow software vendors to attach copyright infringement penalties to EULA violations. Nevermind if you bought it legally. If you do something that violates the EULA, you have infringed their copyright.

Comment Re:Judges lean towards protecting the little guy . (Score 1) 758

Not quite. Judges often consider reasonableness, public interest and the relative sophistication of both parties. When one party is a company with a legal team and the other party is Joe Consumer judges often lean towards protecting the little guy when the deal is an un-negotiated take-it-or-leave it one.

Except in this case. This ruling by judges is in direct opposition to protecting the little guy. They have ruled that an EULA is enforceable on someone that never even agreed to the EULA.

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