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Comment Re:Grammar please (Score 1) 148

To me it looks let it feel straight out of the sky with the help of good ol' gravity. So "Out of control", while still true, it's probably more likely that the thing ran out of batteries or the pilot forgot to set his fail safe properly. Also there were other headlines that said it nearly killed him.
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Comcast Typo Penalizes Wrong Customer For Data Usage ( 124

ShaunC writes: Soon after Comcast implemented its data caps in Tennessee, one customer began getting calls warning that he was approaching his monthly usage limit. The company's data cap meter was ticking up rapidly, even attributing 120GB of use — almost half of the monthly cap — to a period of time when he was out of the country. After months of back and forth and troubleshooting by the customer, Comcast finally admitted that a typo in a MAC address was causing another customer's usage to appear on his account. With data caps like Comcast's carrying a real financial cost in terms of overage fees, how can we trust providers to accurately track customers' bandwidth usage?

Comment Re:Why is prostitution illegal in the first place? (Score 1) 390

He/She is providing a service which is in many cases not taxable. This is the biggest reason why government does not approve of this. That said, prostitution is like the Uber of the past without the geolocational appity apps. Anyone can work that has a body and is willing to compromise on a price for said services. The real problems come with all the other crime and societal fallout involved in such activities.

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 165

Except that when the "No Fly Zones" dynamically pop up (for whatever reason) and you are possibly already flying (ie. a man hunt you know nothing about). Some of these zones are not concrete. I am not advocating flying in them, I am just making a point that blanket laws don't take into account something as described.

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