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Comment Re:Interesting article. Thanks. (Score 1) 456

For a better deal, say that they can have their required materials sold in electronic format for half the cost, but they're only tied to the registered account of the device?

For an even better deal, put all the material on it, up to and including some college level stuff, for free. Keep them learning when the teacher is boring.

Isn't that what school is supposed to be about?

Comment Re:It's illegal... (Score 2) 159

If we make it a matter of a soldier (cyber or otherwise) going "Well if you want to take that risk, sir" rather than "Fuck you, sir" - it makes it that much easier for the government to be corrupt.

Keep in mind that those people who casually order you to commit crimes, may also casually order other people to commit crimes against you. I would certainly take this into account when dealing out sentences.

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