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Personal Data of a Billion Indians Sold Online For $8, Report Claims ( 74

Michael Safi, reporting for The Guardian: The personal information of more than a billion Indians stored in the world's largest biometric database can be bought online for less than $8, according to an investigation by an Indian newspaper. The reported breach is the latest in a series of alleged leaks from the Aadhaar database, which has been collecting the photographs, thumbprints, retina scans and other identifying details of every Indian citizen. The report in the Chandigarh-based Tribune newspaper claimed that software is also being sold online that can generate fake Aadhaar cards, an identity document that is required to access a growing number of government services including free meals and subsidised grain. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which administers the Aadhaar system, said it appeared the newspaper had accessed only limited details through a search facility that had been made available to government officials.

Comment Re:How about we call out (Score 1) 359

Soros is a REAL NAZI, FFS!

And he's the Left's BFF.

All you SJWs on the Left screaming Nazi Nazi REEE REEE! better realize that your favorite Leftist groups and organizations are funded by a fucking real, actual, documented, Holocaust-enforcing Nazi.

You do know that Soros is Jewish, that he and his family had to pretend to be Christians to keep from getting shipped off to the camps by actual Nazis, and that he was 15 years old when the war ended, don't you?

Of course you do.

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