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Comment Re:Drink filtered water (Score 3, Interesting) 363 can drop 2 slices of cucumber into a pitcher of water and it gives the whole thing a nice refreshing flavor.

They do that a lot in restaurants here (Stockholm). It actually tastes just fine. Of course, so does a slice or two of lemon, lime, or orange.

Comment Re:electricity (Score 2) 353

I had to upgrade the fuses in the building, because i figured they weren't strong enough.


The fact you even said this is proof that you didn't have a single fucking clue about what you were doing. Which was setting yourself up for a hefty lawsuit and possibly criminal charges stemming from the fire you started.

Maybe the fire hasn't actually happened yet, but you've already set it up. Go read some basic info about fuses and then maybe you'll understand why you should be losing sleep over this.

Comment Well, DUH... (Score 2) 167

The Times reports that noncompete clauses ultimately end up keeping workers' salaries lower, "because most people get raises when they switch jobs."

Which is exactly why employers try to impose them--in order to deny their workers leverage in salary/benefits negotiations. This subverts the free market for labour. Which is exactly why non-competes should be illegal.

TL;DR: If I'm valuable enough to keep out of the hands of a competitor, then you can pay me like it.

Comment Re:Software (Score 1) 482

For many apps the option is disabled. Then the internal storage fills up and updates are no longer able to update - nevermind that many of the updates are for bloatware.

That's the fault of (a) shitty apps developed by shitty developers and (b) you, for installing such apps. Nothing to do with the *platform* AFAICT.

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