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Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 286

Well if there is a fire, chances are I'm going to care a whole lot more about other things that I've lost other than my notes.

If it's important enough, I'll transcribe it to an electronic format that is more useful for other people to use. Often I'm taking notes in a very terse format, not writing an entire document. Though often most of the notes I'm taking are ephemeral in nature. I might need those notes for a week a most, not for the next 30 years.

To each their own.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 5, Insightful) 286

A filing cabinet? A simple small spiral bound notepad fits in my pocket. There is also the aspect of when you are in meetings that people realize you are actually taking notes and not just looking at your phone and possibly not paying a damn bit of attention to the meeting.

I can take notes on a notepad without looking at the paper, it's a bit harder to do that on a phone. Afterwards it's not too terribly difficult to transcribe my notes to electronic format if I need to.

*Shrug* Maybe I'm just old.

Comment Re:LD_PRELOAD? (Score 2) 113

LD_PRELOAD doesn't intercept system calls, it intercepts library calls. Some of which do wrap system calls, but LD_PRELOAD helps you ZERO if you have a statically linked executable.

I'd imagine a lot of malware for Linux based operating systems very well might be statically linked, to avoid libc version dependencies.

Comment Frontier has no plans for real broadband either (Score 5, Interesting) 91

In most of Frontier's service areas "broadband" counts as shitty adsl where you are lucky if you get 3mb/s down. They don't need caps, because you can't download anything anyways.

Seriously, if you've got the choice between Frontier and 4G connection, go with whatever 4G provider there is. Praise FSM if you've got Comcast in a Frontier service area. Seriously, Frontier is that bad, you will be BEGGING for Comcast. They're that bad.

Frontier pretty much has taken over the unprofitable areas of Verizon's wireline business. They have no desire for infrastructure upgrades, or really anything other than getting you to keep paying.

Comment Re:The Fort McMurray fire was a sign (Score 3, Insightful) 327

The Fort McMurray fire was a result of 100+ years of fire suppression with a massive fuel load. It was a sign alright, poor forestry management was the primary culprit here. Well that and people living WAY to close to the urban-wildland interface.

The good news is, once you have a huge fire like that, you're likely not to have one again for another 50-100 years since you know, all of the fuel is burnt.

Global warming is a real issue, obviously, but in this case, wrong environmental issue to be going after.

Comment Re:Not a "warm glow" (Score 1) 338

A shift toward red is warmer, not cooler.

Color temperature yes, thermal temperature, no. They're sort of backwards from each other :(

Most people generally find this shift towards red rather pleasing when dimming a light bulb.

Citation needed. Actually, no, don't bother. That's just bullshit.

It's a pretty subjective thing, I agree. It's the same subjectiveness that most people like "warm white" bulbs(2000-3000K) instead of daylight(5500K or above).

It's not a "feature" of the dimmer, but a function of the physics of an incandescent bulb.

It's not a feature of anything. That's a bug.

Okay...If you say so. Bug or not, people like this "feature" that incandescent bulbs bring to dimming lights.

Comment Re:Not a "warm glow" (Score 1) 338

When you dim an LED bulb, the amount of light reduces, however the color temperature is the same. The best thing I can compare it to is moonlight. An incandescent when you dim it, it runs cooler and as a result it goes to more of a red color instead of the yellow white color it normally runs at. Most people generally find this shift towards red rather pleasing when dimming a light bulb. It's not a "feature" of the dimmer, but a function of the physics of an incandescent bulb.

Comment tax avoidance (Score 5, Informative) 210

The reason this is being done is that Yahoo couldn't get a promise from the IRS that selling off Alibaba shares wouldn't be tax free. So they are doing this game of making the current company a holding company for the Alibaba shares, then putting the rest of the company in a "new" company. This is just tax avoidance, nothing more.

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