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Comment Re:Evidence that patents need a limited time frame (Score 5, Informative) 323

20 years from filing - earliest filing - even in a reissue.

Therefore, at most Feb 2018 or about 6 more years.

A reissue filed 10 years after issuance is only able to narrow the scope of patents.

You armchair patent lawyers sure love your hysteria in the morning. Switch to coffee.

Comment Re:I use my iPhone very judiciously (Score 1) 254

I use mine incessently. Gaming/browsing/calling/texting both ways on a nearly 2 hour masstransit commute and often several hours at home while in front of the TV. Even with sporatic office usage thrown in, I get about 2 full days of use from an iPhone 4s. My Bluetooth radio is permanently on (though not always in use) and the wifi switches over when it's in range (I don't micromanage the radios). Just because your Dual Core 1.7GHz Samsung Galaxy S Prime Touch II FauxG S Platinum Edition with AMOLED5HD doesn't get the same performance doesn't mean that a phone has to be completely disabled to last more than 8 hours on a charge. This is something I struggled with coming from Android. I look at the spec sheet and see that the iPhone should be inferior, but the biggest advantage you get is that because it's not running extreme hardware it can last through a full day of even the most demanding use. The spec sheet is irrelevant when you are out of juice. I'm actually a little surprised that Apple hasn't gotten Justin Long and John Hodgeman to run an ad campaign on this fact alone.

Comment Re:Talk about clueless IT (Score 1) 370

If Corporate IT got paid what these guys get paid, they'd be at another IT shop faster than you could say "Federal Pay Freeze"

Everyone bitches that Federal Civilians are paid too much, but this is the reality of a compensation system that is 15-30%+ below the prevailing market rate (by their own employer's standards). http://www.opm.gov/oca/payagent/2010/PayDisparities.asp Imagine if your employer put out a report that said you got paid 35% less than you were worth and then asked you to take a pay freeze while campaigning on further reducing your compensation so they can get reelected. It becomes hard to attract and retain talent.

Comment Re:Reeks of Rorty (Score 1) 624

At some point the warm light of day will shine on your sheltered, precious little snow flake and melt him in a matter of seconds. Get the fuck over it people. Kids commit suicide. It's not new. The only thing different is Nancy Grace shows it to ya (oh and boy does she show it to you) every night and decry's how terrible it is and that your kid will be next.
One suicide is a tragedy, but everyone living in a rubber room singing Kum ba yah until we all kill ourselves is worse. Will these kids be able to go into a job interview and say "You have to hire me, or I will tell on you for excluding me!"? Stop preempting Darwin, people!

Comment Re:Already up to date (Score 1) 155

You confuse a law for a regulation, and a corporate one at that.

The problem at the DoD is that for any of those procurement processes there are multiple layers of regulations and laws that if violated will allow the contractor to sue the US Government and in some cases the official overseeing the contract. Short of a few anti-trust and contract rules, as an individual corporation you are free to solicit bids from anyone or exclude anyone for (almost) any reason. The Secretary of Defense does not have the same power as the CIO of Microsoft when it comes to procurement. Just ask EADS and Boing.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 417

It's not a trademark issue. It's a patent issue. The HDMI connector/technology is surely patented. Yes, the license that puts the logo on the packaging is a trademark but the patent is the valuable protection. This is how Sony, et al. can put DRM on their audio discs and just not put the CD Logo on the case. The patent to make a generic CD expired long ago. The HDMI spec is surely still riddled with covered patents that require the license. This means that to actually make a product that would be useful, i.e. connect to an HDMI source or display, you would need to use one of the technologies covered by the patent. Calling it magical digital interconnect isn't going to solve your problem.

Comment Re:Treason (Score 2, Insightful) 359

I hate to say it, but if he's convicted, the punishment will be death. He knowingly and willfully released classified information. It's made clear to everyone with a clearance that by doing this they could face penalties up to and including death. You can debate the merits of the death penalty all you want, but as an enlisted member of the US Army with an active clearance, he knew what he was doing and he knew or should have known of the possible penalty.

Comment Re:No more (Score 2) 197

That's what Nokia said.

Woopdie do, you pulled in $700m in profit last quarter. Your competitors pulled in $6B and $2.3B (Apple and Google). They are eating your market share faster every day. Further, with increased pressure from IT managers to reduce infrastructure, your model of dedicated support hardware just doesn't make sense anymore. Keep fighting the good fight, but the market is reacting not to your current performance but to your future prospects.
You lost 5% of market share of new phone sales(30%-25%), and your market share dipped to 8.2 from 8.6 from just January to April. Apple is raking in the cash on their devices and you guys were there first.

Comment Re:Crooks chasing crooks... (Score 1) 983

They should go to JAIL for assault, robbery, wrongful arrest and criminal intimidation. Police acting outside the scope of their authority are just normal citizens and should be punished as such.

Obviously, the problem lies in that no prosecutor wants to stand up to the police as it would 1) make their job much more difficult and 2) be political suicide. This is why the NYPD was so bad in the '70s and '80s (American Gangster Bad)

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