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Comment Re:Backwards (Score 2) 144

Can you imagine a pack of modern house cat's successfully patrolling farmland?

Easily, because it's a common sight out in farmland. Maybe not so much in the big corporate farms but smaller family farms will usually have anywhere from a dozen to fifty or so cats running around the farm taking care of rats, mice, keeping 'coons and foxes at bay, etc. In fact, two of the cats I now have indoors, were born to barn cats and taken in while still kittens.

Comment Re:Tough luck.. (Score 1) 923

America was founded on the ideals of religious freedom by people who were predominantly Christians, this led to Christianity being the 'popular' religion of this country, but it is in no way the only religion.

Unfortunately that has led to as many problems for Christians as it has solved. Since Christianity is the 'popular' religion many people say they are a Christian when they really aren't (i.e. 'Sunday Christians'). This has led to many incidents where people who claim to be Christians do something terrible which then gets blamed on Christianity as a whole instead of the individual, this is especially disheartening when their actions go against Jesus' teachings.

Think of it like sports fans who only follow the team that is currently winning, and as soon as another team comes out on top they switch over and are running around with a whole new set of colors and jerseys. Meanwhile they are starting fights and causing disturbances all of which get blamed on the 'fans' of the team whose jersey they happen to be wearing at that time.

As for the original sentiment, I agree that as 'punishment' death is far too excessive for assault and armed robbery, however as 'Karma' it works just fine.

Comment Re:Why yes! (Score 1) 174

Something like a slightly modified Raspberry Pi with a custom OS that simply pulls all the content and saves it as a drive image that can be scanned and parsed, or maybe just grabs specific files (just image files or pdf files) and ignores all other files. In the end delivering it to another USB drive or an SD card in such a way that it's safe to open from your computer...

(optionally) uploads new content to the USB drive.

This sounds like a fun project, I'll have to start playing around with it. :D

Comment Re:Try claiming "Death to the Great Satan". (Score 1) 490

Leviticus is primarily a book with how the Levites are supposed to live. The Levites are one of the twelve tribes who's primary purpose (set out in Leviticus but started from leaving Egypt) is to be the religious administrators within the Jewish religion (priests, temple servants, etc.).

Why does this matter? Every time some idiot pulls up a rule from the book of Leviticus and tries to point out how Christians are hypocrites because they aren't following that rule are being the idiots, those rules are for the priests of Judaism, not for the common Christian.

Trying to apply rules from Leviticus to modern Christians is like trying to apply proper care of your horse to driving an electric hybrid.

Submission + - New species of carnivore discovered, lives in cloud forests of Columbia, Ecuador (

chaim79 writes: The Olinguito, a newly discovered mammal carnivore, is the smallest member of the animal family that includes racoons. This is the first new mammal carnivore species to be identified on the American continent for more than three decades. Specimens were found in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, but were mislabeled. It is believed that a live Olinguito was actually exhibited in several zoos in the US between 1967 and 1976 but was misidentified as an Olinga, a close relative.

Scientists have catalogued only a fraction of the planet's lifeforms. New species of insects, parasitic worms, bacteria and viruses are discovered on a regular basis, but new mammals are rare.

This reminds us that the world is not yet explored and the age of discovery is far from over. The Olinguito makes us think — what else is out there? says Dr Helgen.

Comment Really? (Score -1) 49

So, someone else might be able to jump onto your phone data when you are tethering... however to do so they need to lug around a big computer tower with a bunch of GPUs plugged in, and only if you use the default password.

This is very much a non-story. Most people using tethering will have it enabled when they need it then turn it off (otherwise major battery drain), so they might be able to use your internet for a little bit but then they'll be left with nothing. And it's really really easy to change the default password, on the screen to enable mobile hotspot on your phone the password is displayed, tapping on it gives you the keyboard to change it. This was the way it worked from the beginning of IOS tethering.

With changing the password being so easy, how many people who use tethering would leave it at the default? Most people I know would change it just to make it more personal and memorable.

Comment Re:You have misread (or misunderstood) specs (Score 1) 372

Graphics cards can support only X number of pixels/polygons/etc, and I've seen more than once graphics cards with multiple outputs that can drive either one really big display or two smaller displays. This is nothing new, nothing surprising. I've even run into it several times in my own computer history, a graphics card that can support amazing resolution on one monitor, but when driving two it drops down to mediocre.

As for driving graphics cards through Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2, I'd agree that the speed doesn't match current graphics power. However, I also doubt such is necessary for 99.99999% of users. I do think that the bandwidth would be enough to drive non-graphically intensive display, (eg non-3D games) still allowing the displays to be useful for everything but the graphically crazed gamer, who has never been a Mac user to begin with.

Comment Re:Profanity? (Score 1) 334

I often find that option 2 leads either to collapse or option 3.

When people are doing their own thing in a passive-aggressive fashion they can easily get into a situation where they are undermining the end goal, and if it continues it will cause the project to fail. If they don't respond to option 1 and they start using option 2, then the leadership is usually left with option 3 or simply firing them in order to keep the project successful.

Comment Re:The unasked (and unanswered) question (Score 3, Informative) 35

From what I understand they are getting the Sub itself, along with access to all the technology and engineering that went into it's creation. That's a lot of great information and ideas that will go into building whatever they want, even if the Deepsea Challenger simply gets parked in a warehouse or torn apart for parts.

Comment Build your own server? (Score 1) 386

Just how difficult is it to create your own server for these games? Are they in the habit of encrypting or using proprietary compression schemes?

Being a software engineer I'm used to writing communications and products from a requirements document and datasheets, wondering how difficult it would be to reverse-engineer the communications protocol and blindly write what's happening on the server...

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