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Comment Or simply disciplined awareness (Score 1) 430

It might not even by psychosomatic. It might simply have to do with disciplined awareness.

For instance, you're forced to take the pills before eating. Since you're aware that you're going to eat, you subtlety change your eating habits (perhaps eating more conscientiously rather than wolfing it down or not overeating or avoiding foods you you you shouldn't eat) such that you ease our condition. Such easing might not be immediate, but over a period of time it could add up.

A good way to test this hypothesis would simply have three groups, "control 1" which does nothing, "control 2" which is asked to record what the person is going to eat before eating it, and the test group which eats the sugar pills.

If the sugar pills still have an effect distinguishable from the control groups, then perhaps sugar *is* an active ingredient and we just don't know it.

Comment Yawn, propaganda as usual (Score 1) 277

Shrug. What value is there in knowing that 20% of the population is composed of Jedi Knights and the ethnicity of 30% of the people "Tan" since they're a mix of two or more "officially recognized ethnicity"?

The log form census has many questions that are either ill defined or none of the of the government's business or can be more accurately gathered from other sources (e.g. several questions ask you about information that you would have filled out in your income tax or birth/citizenship certificate). If you don't fill out all the questions, you'll go to jail so you have to fill it out, even if you fill it out with junk data.

How reliable is this? Why not use actually reliable data for once?

What is being proposed by the government is simple, make the long form census *optional* (i.e. you won't go to jail for not filling out pointless questions), removing questions that can be gathered from other sources (e.g. the income tax ones), and if necessary, moving important questions that used to be on the long form census to the short form (e.g. what is your primary language). The short form census is still mandatory.

What's wrong about that? Europeans and Americans already do this without suffering from any data loss.

Comment Re:But (Score 2, Insightful) 449

Curse words really have no purpose.

There are two common uses of curse words:
(1) An expression of spontaneous bad emotion.
(2) As way of hurting someone else without really thinking.

The first purpose already has an international language. If someone in any culture hits their hand with a hammer, they all use the same sounds whether or not they ultimately say a curse word. Curse words add no value.

The second usage is just plain laziness. If you really want to put someone down, you should put some thought into it. For examples, take a look at all the Winston Churchill or Mark Twain put downs. They could insult you using your own opinions in such a way that you're defenseless, or make an insult sound like a complement that everyone except the person listening would understand.

Comment Re:Any entity (Score 1) 308

Actually, the Christian God isn't anything in the universe. He's the creator of the Universe.

A good analogy is that God is the programmer of a video game. Humans would be character in the Game. If you're a Christian, you believe that God assumed the persona of one of the video game characters.

Comment Wrong duality. (Score 1) 343

Where did the mean that idealism means poverty come from?

This isn't a conflict between profit and idealism. It's a conflict between near term and long term profits.

In the near term, if Google compromises it'll profit now. But if Google compromises, they'll ultimately lose profit.

If you have a reputation for not compromising, governments won't even try. Once you have one exception for one government, it's impossible to justify not having other exceptions for all governments. And if you're compromising all over the place, compromising to quasi-government bodies like the RIAA is inevitable.

Google holds *a lot* of personal data, so if that personal data is essentially public, people will not trust Google with their personal data. Google's loss of trust means loss of customers, and ultimately a loss of profit.

Comment Re:It's a Free Market (Score 0) 553

Please examine your records again. He's not a compulsive liar. He just tends to write and talk in a misleading way.

It's not really his fault. His IQ is only 68.

And yes, that is a superb intellect. Relative to everyone around him he's a genius. Remember he lives in a state where there's a lot of inbreeding.

And while one of his hands is normal, but "the other hand" is a freaky 6'6" tall due to a birth defect.
And the sun really does shine out of his ass due to a medical condition, but doctors hope to be able to fix that soon along with his freaky hand.

And he has bulging muscles, but he also has bulging seals and dolphins since he works at an aquarium and tends to overfeed the animals.

And yes he does have any woman he desires at any time, but he only desires truly desperate women who are at the end of their ropes and there are a lot of them in his state due to the slim pickings in the backwoods. People with "high paying" aquarium jobs are hard to come by.

Have mercy on him. Please allow my friend to register with an Avatar appropriate to his condition.

Comment Re:Philosophy versus reality (Score 2, Insightful) 222

Actually, "Information wants to be free" is from an essay and it's only half the idea.
The basic concept is:
* Information wants to be free, because it's hard to keep a secret (or as the old saying goes, two can keep a secret if one is dead)
* Information wants to be expressive because knowledge is power
* The next century will be a struggle between these two forces.

This is still true and will likely always be true.

This struggle appears within all people. Even the strongest proponent of "information wants to be free" would balk if his/her privacy is violated, his/her identity is stolen, the paparazzi take intimate pictures from his/her closes family, and all his knowledge and his abilities are reproduced by Country X whose residents are so poor that they are willing to work 20 hour days for a bowl of gruel made with tainted water.

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