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Comment Re: I need a MS article filter (Score 1) 262

Correction, Microsoft WAS evil.

Microsoft no longer has the market influence to be evil.

I mean you can quote history and claim to still be pissed off about something that happened 30 years ago but is no longer relevant today, or you can move on with your life.

There are significantly more evil companies that actually have market influence and relevance today that have corrupted a new generation of Luddites in ways worse the Microsoft could even imagine.

Comment Lol (Score 1) 262

Make 4, sell 4, claim you are a hit!

I will agree that perhaps Microsoft could be diligent and keep releasing the same thing and it will eventually sell. I mean you have to realize that in spite of Windows gaining nearly 95% PC market back in the day, Microsoft never had rapid adoption of new versions of their OS. I mean how many people say "I'll wait for the service pack" when deciding when to update to a new version of Windows, and a significant portion of people have never upgraded past Windows XP.

The same kind of sentimentality could happen with Microsoft's hardware. Don't buy version 1 of a product, wait for them to work out their quirks and then buy version 2 or 3. Perhaps we are starting to see this trend with Surface. Certainly early adopters of Xbox360 and Zune paid the price of not waiting.

Realize that Microsoft still has a significant market of corporate users. These corporate users are still clamoring to have a GOOD Windows tablet that works seamlessly with Microsoft's infrastructure. You can berate Microsoft all you want and claim Linux is superior or other Slashdot ingratiating FUD, but the reality is corporations run on Microsoft, period. If Microsoft can find a tablet to hook into the corporate market, it will be a huge win. Whether that trickles over into the consumer markets will yet to be seen, but you can be sure some CEO using a Windows tablet at work all day long is not going to come home to an iPad.

But, Microsoft hasn't figure out the magic yet that will get the corporate crowd to flock to Surface. Certainly my foray into this territory leaves a lot to be desired for when I was handed a Surface Pro to develop for. A Tablet/PC hybrid doesn't work well in either situation, using touch on a standard Windows desktop is useless, and Microsoft's attempt to force Metro on the desktop user base was equally ill conceived. My Surface Pro sits in a box in a drawer in my desk and I only pull it out to test software on once in a while. I don't see anything about Surface Pro 2 that will make me change that.

While these faults may have sealed the company's fate, I won't rule them out just yet. Perhaps all they need to do is to keep the Surface brand alive till Version 3, which seems to be their magic number in terms of when a product finally takes off.

Comment Re:Same with every nexus device (Score 3, Insightful) 177

Yes but I expect more out of Apple because they brazenly claim to be superior to everyone else, and yet offer trivial updates and no real innovation for the first 6 versions of their iPhone, and even the iPhone 5s refresh is only skin deep in terms of innovation.

I will start calling Google out when they have gone through 6 intervals of Nexus X devices and nothing has changed except the thickness of the phone, but the differences in Nexus 4 to 5 are more numerous than the differences between even iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, so they have a little more edge on innovation then Apple does.

Comment Re:Hilarious... (Score 1) 189

Naw, I would argue that having the fastest phone was only a deciding factor when Apple started boasting about their new 64bit CPU in the iPhone 5s. Prior to this month the average consumer would not even know or care if their phone had 1, 2 or 4 cores or how many goggleflops it was able to perform.

Apple decided the only way they can differentiate their iPhone 5s amidst all the comments that they are no longer innovative is to create a competitive market based on useless CPU performance numbers, just like what Apple did with Retina displays. Before Retina, nobody cared about pixel density. Before A7, nobody cared about CPU performance or its bittyness. Before the iPhone 5s camera, nobody cared about the size of the CCD pixel on their phone camera.

Apple creates these vapid competitive advantages and then the consumers latch on to them and, unfortunately, the competitors feel the need to have to follow suit.

Comment Missing something? (Score 3, Interesting) 166

When did people not have the opportunity to host their own content?

For anybody that has ever hosted their own email server, Raspberry Pi is NOT the right platform to do this on. While you can easily set up an email server on any Linux distro, the reality is that you need something a little bit more powerful than Raspberry Pi to process the ten's of thousands of spam messages a minute you are going to get. And don't think that just because you are "clever" enough to set up your own email server that you will be immune to spam.

And it seems a lot the the Slashdot denizens seem to have forgotten the bygone era of the "Slashdot Effect", when people and companies used to try and host their own websites which couldn't handle a sudden influx of people that used the RTFA. Even a lot of corporate servers couldn't handle when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly jumped onto their websites all at once back in the day. This is why many corporations and consumers just started using hosted services which have a larger, dynamically scalable infrastructure to handle sudden jumps in traffic.

Finally, with things like Facebook and Twitter and a slew of other social networking services, these all but decimated the "personal blog". Nobody cares to go to and read some mindless ranting from a conspiracy nut. The problem with "decentralization" is that you will be lost in obscurity.

So, aside from hosting anything more than a hobby website for friends and family to touch base with, good luck.

Comment I'll wait for the service pack (Score 1) 171

Not sure I want a version 1.0 designer baby.

But really, while I don't agree that buying a baby with specific beauty and vanity traits is the right application of this area of science, selecting an embryo that doesn't have some trait that will have a kid grow up with a hump or other genetic defect should be allowed. While many will scream abortion!, realize that 4 - 8 cells is not a sentient lifeform no matter how far you stretch your faith.

Comment Positive view actually (Score 1) 388

Because aside from the obvious sensational, "OMG a Tesla caught on fire" reactions, the reality of the situation is the car actually warned the driver that something was wrong and they should pull over immediately and get out, BEFORE the fire started.

Consider how many gas powered cars explode and kill passengers every year, I still think EV vehicles are a little safer, especially when the car is monitoring the battery and is kind enough to let you know you should get the fuck out.

Comment Originality Filter for Kickstarter (Score 1) 126

I am going to do a Kickstarter project. Create an originality filter for Kickstarter.

Perhaps before you throw money at this project, realize this is nothing new or novel:

Whether you are charging LED's or cellphones, the concept is already invented.

Comment Re:This solves nothing (Score 5, Insightful) 233

yeah, another ignorant green reaction.

First, Fossil Fuel is what comes from the ground after millions of years of biological decay. Nothing today will create "fossil" fuel.

Second, taking CO2 that we have released into the atmosphere and turning it back into hydrocarbon fuel will close the loop so that things will at least not get worse. It might not do a lot to remove 100+ years of excessive burning of fossil fuels, but at least will help to reach a balance where we might be able to remove as much CO2 as we put into the air from burning fuels moving forward. If we reach a balance like that, then nature can do the rest to remove the excessive CO2.

Abandoning hydrocarbons is not a solution. Hydrocarbons are a highly concentrated and relatively easy to transport and store form of energy and ALL other forms of energy production are a lot less efficient in the long run to create the energy we need. That isn't going to change, ever. I would even suggest that being able to hook in solar or wind energy and having them produce hydrocarbons using some process is better than simply abandoning burning "fuel" and relying solely on something that only makes energy when the sun shines or the wind blows.

A system to create a closed cycle where CO2 is released but then pulled back to create fuel is what our civilization needs, not an ignorant reactionary myopic solution like "fossil fuel is bad" so ride a bike bullshit.

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