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Submission + - Google gets a minor facelift

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Google has unveiled a slight revision to its search pages, giving the ubiquitous design a few oh-so-not-Web-1.0 gradients and emphasizing its page results through better use of whitespace. The update was reportedly rolled out systemwide within the past hour, after months of testing a few different designs and soliciting feedback from users. The next step: AJAX?

Submission + - When does a cyber-attack lead to conventional-war?

Nymz writes: A recent wave of cyber-attacks has been directed at multiple Estonian institutions, including government ministries, political parties, news organizations, and banks. The scope of attacks suggest the entire country is the target, and with no clear solution for dealing with this type of situation, one has to wonder if an escalation to a conventional-attack or war is far off.

Submission + - The Long Term Effects of Plastics on the Earth

lostraven writes: "Nearly 40% of our ocean surface contains floating heaps of predominately plastic? So it seems, at least according to Charles Moore and the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. And the effects that plastics potentially have on life both on and off shore are alarming. From studies of how bisphenol A affects insulin output to findings of dead seabirds "packed with plastic", the "60 billion tons" of plastic created each year effects much of the biosphere. While the article leans slightly towards being an opinion piece, it serves to point out that manufacturers and consumers should be more aware of the effects plastic has on the Earth and its inhabitants."

Submission + - Cure for baldness found - yipee!!

zentropa writes: "A way to regenerative hair has been found, according to Cosmos. It says researchers have stumbled on a gene-therapy remedy for hair loss that might also lead to regenerative treatments for healing wounds. The results stunned many scientists, who had long assumed that mammalian hair follicles were a non-renewable resource, and baldness was forever. The human head comes equipped with approximately 100,000 of tiny, hair-generating organs, and once they stop working, it was thought, the scalp was doomed to gradual exposure. Not any more!"

Submission + - Bush Causes Cell Phone Ban

An anonymous reader writes: When President George Bush visits Sydney, Australia for the APEC Summit in September, all cell phone calls within the radius of a football field will be banned. The president's motorcade will be shadowed by a helicopter equipped with signal-jamming equipment. Terrorists have used mobile phones to detonate remote-controlled bombs in Iraq and elsewhere in the world.

Submission + - Bill Gates Offers U.S. Border Firewall

Scott Ott writes: "by Scott Ott (2007-03-08) — Microsoft founder Bill Gates, alarmed that immigration curbs sparked by terrorism threats limit access to talented tech workers from overseas, today said his firm will work with the U.S. government to install "a virtual firewall at the borders that would let the good geeks in and keep the malicious geeks out."
United States

Submission + - China: U.S. violated Iraqis' rights

firedragon852 writes: China's Xinhua News Agency has published a report in response to the U.S. Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2006. As in previous years, the State Department pointed the finger at human rights conditions in more than 190 countries and regions, including China, but avoided touching on the human rights situation in the United States. To help the world people have a better understanding of the situation in the United States and promote the international cause of human rights, we hereby publish the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2006.

China Puts Hold on Net Cafe Construction This Year 26

With government concerns about online gaming growing steadily in China, Beijing has put in place a ban on the opening of new internet cafes for the rest of the year. GigaGamez reports on the country's move, which is largely seen as a response to some high-profile deaths from unhealthily dedicated gamers. From the article: "Honestly [this] shouldn't be that big of a deal if you consider that the Chinese government has already estimated that 113,000 Internet cafes already exist. Add this to the already bizarre limitation of World of Warcraft play time and you have some very unhappy gamers." Update: 03/08 14:52 GMT by Z : GamePolitics has the word that virtual currencies are also to be restricted, in an effort to ensure that the yuan is kept secure.

Feed The Problem With Copycat Cops (

When a pair of convenience store robbers use hot coffee as a weapon, a dozen other crooks steal their idea. But terrorists are not nearly that predictable. Commentary by Bruce Schneier.

The Internet

Submission + - Mob rule overruns Reddit

netbuzz writes: "Here's one to consider the next time Slashdot readers get all huffy about the work of Slashdot's editors. Over at Reddit this morning we are seeing the problem with "meritocracy" social-bookmarking sites, writ large. Sometimes the wisdom of crowds turns into an unruly mob, witness the fact that 14 of the top 15 items on that site are about "impeachment." 0"
The Courts

Submission + - Prison for pop-up and fundamentalism

blh42 writes: Friday, oh mighty friday. I'd like to throw my self into the malicious debate regarding morale issues in the U-S of A.
On the morning train I stumbled upon an article about a teacher who apparently is being sentenced to 40 years in prison for accidental display of hard-core porn pop-ups in class.

Now the story tells that the teacher who was teaching in class had previously been surfing hair fashion pages, which according to the expert witness had installed ad spyware on the computer. These in term flashed hard-core porn ads on regular basis.
At the time there where 10 students in class, from which 4 did see the images displayed. The eleven members of the jury choose to believe that this was an moral assault on the students and didn't care about the expert witness.

Now I find this as a court case completely crazy. I'm not sure if they understand the impact of what they may or may not create with this. I mean what is she suppose to learn from this 40 years sentence? Not to use computers in class? Or perhaps stop using the Internet?

I think it's the same as trying to punish elders for exposing the selfs to the streets where they may be assaulted by robbers..

Something has to be done with this police state if it's not already too late. Los in court and lost to the state.. lost to the Christian way fundamentalism in my opinion. Fundamentalists that actually do have access to nuclear weapons.. shouldn't we do something about that?

Submission + - Comedic Rights Backlash

menciasteals writes: "After Joe Rogan confronted Carlos Mencia during a performance at the Comedy Store, a petition has been started in an attempt to remove Mencia's show "Mind of Mencia" from Comedy Central's lineup in an internet-based attack against comedic theft. Rogan has since been banned from performing at the Comedy Store and has ended his relationship with the Gersh Agency. From Rogan's post on his blog: "Now, when you work hard on a bit and polish and craft it, and then someone just disrespects the whole process, steps in, steals it and performs it as his own, that's a pretty intense creative violation." So what do you say, Slashdotters, are Comedians entitled to the same rights as musicians and authors?"

Submission + - Google Bought, Burned NC Seniors' Homes

theodp writes: "Nicholas Carr has a nice roundup of the latest Googlegate News, including the heartwarming story of how NC government officials acting on Google's behalf hounded the elderly into selling their homes, keeping prices down by using a nonprofit front funded by Google to conceal the search giant's identity from folks like Eugene and Violet Anderson, both 86. As former homeowners took up residence in apartments and doublewides, the local fire department burned down a number of their homes to make way for Google, whose tax incentives are now being pegged at $260M."

Submission + - You aren't allowed off this plane

logoszoe writes: Airlines are not required to let you off the plane, even if it has been sitting on the runway for hours.

Whatever happened to someone deciding it was time to leave, and just getting off the plane? Obviously, if it's in the air, that is not an option. But on the ground, come on!

It seems that those in the airline industry have forgotten that they are paid to transport people. Consideration is only given for the almighty dollar, not customer satisfaction.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market

An anonymous reader writes: AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has plans to reenter the sub-notebook market this year. FTFA: "This new tiny MacBook, people familiar with the project say, remains in development ahead of its target launch date around the time WWDC rolls around mid-year. It will be both lighter and more compact than any other Mac portable Apple has put forth in recent years, bundling a display of similarly smaller proportions."

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