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Comment Re:The Problem (Score 1) 191

What a lot of people fail to recognize is that every company needs to provide a return on investment (ROI). And if that ROI is too low, investors will find somewhere else to invest, leaving the company strapped, and pushing down the value of the company. Making money isn't evil, but too much (and too little) regulation is. We need to get the money out of government lobbying, and set a reasonable level of corporate taxation...I'd be in favor of a progressive level, similar to individual taxes, and then cut out all of the write-offs, with maybe an exception for depreciation of assets.

Comment Re:Poor thinking (Score 1) 191

By "bending" rules I assume you mean laws and regulations. Statement of fact: If it's not illegal, then it's legal, and you can expect business to take advantage of it in order to maximize profit, ROI, and thus shareholder value. Some of you will consider that immoral, but companies aren't about morals, you need to fix the laws and regulations you want them to follow. Sure companies will do some good things for marketing/goodwill's not because they're nice.

Not sure what you'd be referring to in respect to Apple doing "a lot of bad shit"...who have they harmed?

Comment Re: Make Tax Rates Scale With Size (Score 1) 191

Did you make up all of that on the spot, or did you spend years dreaming it up?

Are you actually blind to world politics? OPEC is the cause of every war of the last 40 years. Hell, the Dune books are practically mideast politics.

Granted, there were a few, but just a partial list (there were many others...
1979 - Soviets into Afghanistan...nope, no oil there
1982 - Falklands War
1983 - Sri Lanka
1987 - Thai-Laos
1989 - Romanian Civil War
1991 - Georgian Civil War
1992 - Bosnia
1993 - Burundi
1994 - Chechnya
1998 - Kosovo
And, wasn't there a little something going on around the Ukraine recently.

Comment Re:nationalize companies too big to fail (Score 1) 191

You wouldn't have to split search, but there's no reason Google search, and Chrome, and GMail and Google Maps, etc., all need to be in one company. Those could easily be broken up. Note that I'm not picking on Google...ideally, MS would have been broken up in the antitrust case previously, and others should as well.

Comment Re:Make Tax Rates Scale With Size (Score 1) 191

Another conservative here, who agrees with the GP. I'm all about competition, but not in favor of monopolistic behavior. We won't clean up this mess until my side of the aisle gets it through it's head that companies are not people (you can't send them to jail, and they have undue influence above the people), and that we need to get the big money out of government.

Comment Re:As any DBA knows... (Score 1) 192

If you've never looked down at the runway number, you're doing it wrong, just google "landing at wrong runway", and see how often it happens. Harrison Ford is a recent well known example. And, when do you EVER need a 1/2 degree for anything? I've never seen a piece of avionics that took less than a degree, but than I haven't flown in a few years. As for the iron ore deposits, your maps all have that plugged in. As for your arguing it for decades, I've never once heard a pilot complain about using magnetic north.

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