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Comment Re:No Faith. (Score 1) 506

Oh come on. Fail in what way? The costs continue to decline, and efficiencies continue to improve. My uncle powered a previously power free cottage in Ontario, Canada with one large solar cell and a few marine batteries. This was about ten years ago. That's enough to take care of he lighting, and provide power for a water heater, and a few outlets. Obviously, that's much smaller than an average home, but it scales easily.

Comment Re:$250K is the definition of the evil 1% (Score 1) 481

Let me help you, because you seem to be putting everyone who makes that much in the same bucket, and leaving a few things out. Not everyone has the same circumstances. As a couple, my wife and I earn about that much. We have a $3700+ mortgage (upper middle class neighborhood), $800 car pymts..both 2012 Chrysler products that we got the employee discount on through family), about to be paid off, We max out our 401k deposits (6%, so roughly $15k). We support two mothers, both who live on only Social Security, to the toon of roughly $30-40k/year, and that will go up once we have to put them in homes. We paid roughly $140k to put our kid through college up through a couple years ago, an just married her off last weekend...~$25k for that. I'll end up spending over $9k in medical insurance, and probably another $10k in medical bills this year (I had a near fatal fall just a few months ago). Our state taxes will be about $15k, along with personal property tax of ~$2k. We typically donate to charities, $1-2k/yr. ~$1k for LTD & AD&D & Term Life. We splurged and spent double our normal vacation budget this year because YOLO, and we're not getting any younger...~$8k on a Nat Geo tour...we squirmed at the cost.

So, yeah, we're someone nearing retirement after 40+ years of work should be, but rich?...far from it. I know rich uncle, my dad's best friend...both were multi-millionaires years ago. You can't really lump us in with people like that.

Comment Re:$250K is the definition of the evil 1% (Score 1) 481

You seem to make it very black and white, rich vs. poor, with no grey area. That's simply not the case. Your definition of rich is far south of anything used by the government, or the vast majority of people, but it may simply be relative to your spot in life. My mom and mother-in-law are, by my definition poor, both living on only Social Security, and what they can get from things like Meals on Wheels...everything else comes from my wife and I. If you live in a trailer park, nearly everyone else looks rich to you. It's not two Americas, there's a lot of space in between, but you clearly haven't experienced it.

I say this, as someone who grew up with a single mom, renting homes in Detroit...I know what poor is. I lived on PB&J and Tang for a while, so tell me about it. And, after 40+ years of working my way out, I've managed to make it to the level we're discussing, though it's in the high cost area of northern VA, where the avg. household income is well over $100k, and a 2000+ sqft home is hard to find.

Comment Re:$250K is the definition of the evil 1% (Score 1) 481

Agree w/parent & others that $250k is far from rich. Between my wife and I, we make about that much in the DC suburbs, and are comfortable. The avg. household income here is in the low $100ks, and a small home can run you north of $500...there are many at double that. While we're a dual income, one kid (I paid her college, and just married her off a few days ago), we still support our moms who only have social security as income...otherwise, I'd be looking to retire after 40 yrs of working so far. Everyone has different financial circumstances, and income is just one factor that shouldn't be the sole identifier of the "rich".

Comment Re:Another doomsdayer. (Score 1) 106

And it's not just kids. When you developed too much baggage in one place, you could move to a new location, job, etc., and get a fresh start. These days, someone is bound to look up your history, and as we used to joke about, it all goes on your "permanent record", only back then, it was just a joke.

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