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Will Red Hat Survive? 158

An anonymous reader writes "Red Herring has an in-depth analysis interviewing industry experts on what the future of Linux distributor Red Hat will likely be now that Oracle is offering cheaper support and services essentially identical to Red Hat Linux. Will Oracle purchase Red Hat? Or is it not yet too late?" From the article: "Mr. Dargo countered that Oracle's move indicated a lack of understanding of the value that Red Hat's support and service provide. But he noted that Red Hat could be vulnerable if Oracle manages to provide better service. 'If the strategy at Oracle works out, Red Hat is going to face some serious issues, but I don't think it is going to work out,' he said. 'There are lots of opportunities for Red Hat to do some aggressive and creative things to turn around.'"
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Journal Journal: Those Potty-Mouth Developers! A Profane Tour of Open Source 2

While browsing the web, in an effort to not do schoolwork, I found a funny post about the humorous results a person asking Linux kernel hackers what was the most obfuscated part of the Linux kernel. I was intrigued by one post, in particular.

[root@morgoth:/usr/src/linux]# egrep -ir "( fuck)|( shit)" *

and choose.

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