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Comment Re:On a serious note... (Score 2, Informative) 233

Fudge factor G: to say that m_inertial = G m_gravitational is to say that there's a linear relationship between them (and normally you think of G as the coupling constant and say m_i = m_g). A priori, there's no reason there had to be any sort of relationship between them, much less a polynomial or a linear one. Take for instance electric charge, where the analogue of m_gravitational is q_electric, which can be anything whatsoever, independent of m_inertial. It's the fact that there's a relationship at all - and that it's such a simple one - that is so bizarre, and which has led scientists from Galileo on to test the equality, made Newton confess he hadn't the foggiest why it might be true, and led Einstein to his Equivalence principle.

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