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Comment Re:BGP not fixed? (Score 2) 72

For crying out loud. They still haven't fixed BGP? I remember reading about stuff like this in the 90s.

If the Wiki article is anything to go by this is through complacency.:

Although security extensions are available for BGP, and third-party route DB resources exist for validating routes, by default the BGP protocol is designed to trust all route announcements sent by peers, and few ISPs rigorously enforce checks on BGP sessions.

This sort of thing is really frustrating, a fix available but nobody bothers!

Comment 3 Laws of Robotics (Score 1) 287

Why can't we replace Muslims with robots, then deactivate them? The happiness will be much more than the pain

The thing is that Muslims are directly opposed to Asimov's 3 laws of robotics.

They go round killing people for no good reason
They will harm themselves to kill an infidel
They don't recognize any court or police force that supports rights of non-Muslims

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