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Comment Re:Argh. (Score 1) 274

You sound as though you think the lower classes don't pay taxes. It's not that they're not paying their share (they are), they're not making their share especially considering the difficult and manual nature of many low-paying jobs. Sales tax forces even the homeless to pay as much for their goods as the richest among us and it's shameful.

Comment Re:Argh. (Score 1) 274

I really only put "luxury" in quotes to mean items that aren't absolutely essential, I still don't think there should be any but I imagine abolishing it entirely is going to be a hard battle and the first step will be removing it from items like food and medication (it's disgusting to me that even prescriptions aren't exempt from sales tax in most US jurisdictions).

Income tax is the way to go in my mind, too.

Comment Re:Argh. (Score 1) 274

Haha, I should have elaborated that we should eliminate sales tax entirely, but if we must have it then it should be restricted to things that aren't absolute essentials. I agree with you on that front.

Comment Argh. (Score 1) 274

Sales tax is an assault on the poor (and to a lesser extent the middle class), and I've been pretty upset to see it encroaching on the internet. I've always thought we should restrict sales tax to "luxury" items like furniture, electronics and so on.

Although I guess that's largely the type of thing Amazon carries, so maybe I shouldn't be so worked up about it after all.

Comment Re:So someone sends some bomb threats .. (Score 1) 355

Whoever it was didn't care that they were disrupting people's lives by having their classes cancelled over and over (and over, and over, and over. It was a continuous and practically psychotic series of threats), so of course they didn't care about getting a remailer taken down. I've spoken with people who live on campus there and the person sending the threats is clearly unstable at best.

Comment Re:This brought to you by the same race war inciti (Score 1) 1005

Wow, you're either really classist or racist for assuming Martin was set up for a life of crime, and you're definitely a huge fucking moron for thinking there's not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of, at the very least, manslaughter. It's pretty easy to find out whether it was his gun used in the crime, and it's pretty easy to comb the area around the body searching for anything Martin could have used as a weapon (hint: there weren't any).

If you never did anything even remotely illegal when you were young then you're an anomaly, nobody deserves to be killed for it (except maybe you for having such awful, awful opinions).

Comment Re:This brought to you by the same race war inciti (Score 1) 1005

Clearly he deserves to be murdered for potential prior crimes for which he wasn't tried, and which he wasn't in the process of committing considering he was carrying iced tea and not burglar's tools. It's good that a psychopath subverted justice and ended a teenager's life because he may have at one point stolen something.

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