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Submission + - Microsoft to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion (

An anonymous reader writes: According to BBC news "Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy internet phone service Skype. The deal will see Microsoft pay $8.5bn (£5.2bn) for Skype, making it Microsoft's largest acquisition."

What will this mean for Mac OS X and linux versions of Skype? Does this confirm the rumors that Skype is evil?

Comment Re:This is why Apple is a dangerous company.. (Score 1) 292

Perhaps as a rational Apple Fanboi I can be of some help....

One of the key features of iPhone is that when a carrier comes in to see Steve J and presents their list of things they need to change - you know the sort of thing, branding, replace the email app, remove the Maps app and replace it with their now, that sort of thing, well Steve nods, smiles, takes out his iPhone, and launches the app that releases the rabid wolverines.

So, you gotta get one that the carriers haven't crapped on. Not only is it not nice to have a phone full of bloatware, but every time Google put out a new version of Android the carrier has to re-do the blaotware before they cans end you the patch, if they can be bothered. Sure, you can root and reflash, but what a pain that's going to be.

So, that helps a lot, because it narrows the choice to... er ... Nexus S or Nexus One.

Comment Re:This is why Apple is a dangerous company.. (Score 1) 292

Well, a) I don't know what it's like where you are but here in the UK you can walk into Argos with £100 or so and come out with a droid on Pay As you Go - i.e. no contract - and b) you are on Slashdot and so know more about phones than everyone in every phone store in your neighbourhood so of course you made your buyind decision on features. I'm being a bit generous on b) of course, since iPhone is GSM and so works in as many countries that you can hope for.

Try this: find a local phone store that doesn't stock IPhone, walk in, and say you are interested in buying an iPhone. Be sure to give no sign that you've even heard of slashdot.

Now, if the saleslady tells you to get out, I'll accept that you are right and I'm wrong.
But if she says something along the lines of "Oh, we don;t have that, but take a look at this Galaxy S, it's just like an iPhone"....

Comment Here's a question no-one asks... (Score 1) 514

... what do you think Apple want to be the market leading phone?

iPhone, for sure, but they know that's never going to happen because they'd have to cut their margins too much. Hell, it's questionable whether they could even make enough to get to number one. So it has to be something else, right?

So, do they want something innovative, like WM7? (I may be an Apple Fanboi but I'm a rational fanboi, and WM7 is really good.)

Or something well established and proven to be rock solid, like BB? (Ok, so the company has gone mad, but you can't beat an old-school BB for messaging)

Or do they want something that's a cheap iPhone knock off?

Because if someone says "this cheap iPhone knock off sucks", there's a pretty obvious response isn't there? "Have you thought of upgrading to the real thing?"

Comment Re:This is why Apple is a dangerous company.. (Score 4, Insightful) 292

Shocking as it may be to hear an Apple Fanboi say this - good point RazzleFrog! Because, you see, you're right: Android IS trouncing iOS in smartphone marketshare. And Apple don't care!

They're making all the profit. They're selling every iOS device they can build. They're seeing Mac sales go up while PC sales go down because of iPad. They're watching RIM go insane and Nokia sell out to Microsoft. They're welcoming all the developers to iOS, who come there first because that's where the money is.

Hell, it's Apple that's driving Android sales. How many Android phones get sold in response to a customer query of "I want something like an iPhone only cheap" or "I want something like an iPhone but don't want to change networks."

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