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Comment Re:Not totally against this. (Score 2) 639

> So they would require an additional warrant to investigate additional email addresses for emails older than 6 months?

Why would they need two warrants? They would need ONE warrant to access ALL emails. Currently, they need NO warrant to access old emails and ONE warrant to access new emails.

The initiative wants to get rid of the provision for warrantless access. More power to that.

Comment Re:Heh... (Score 1) 323

Not for me. The "subscribe" banner does not go away and the answer underneath that is a blurred image. When I use the google cache link, that page shows multiple answers, but the texts are replaced by "only available to premium members" messages.

My guess you have some kind of browser extension that fools the site into thinking you are the google bot or something.

Comment Re:Every mistake in the book (Score 1) 188

> How is this different from legal messages arriving in your physical mailbox when you are away (in hospital/on vacation)?

You claim to the sender (and have to prove if he disagrees) that you were not able to retrieve the letter for that reason and any deadline has to be restarted. The legal term is restitutio in integrum (although it seems the US uses restitutio in integrum only for demages?).

Comment Re:out of thin air? (Score 1) 188


Natürlich unterstützen wir die De-Mail-Initiative des Bundes und werden – sobald das Gesetz in Kraft ist – eine Akkreditierung als De-Mail-Anbieter beantragen.
Schon jetzt erfüllt der E-POSTBRIEF die hierfür erforderlichen Standards, soweit sie nach dem derzeitigen Gesetzesentwurf absehbar sind.

(Loose translation: We support the de-mail intiative and will apply for an accredition as soon as the law is enacted. e-postbrief already meets all criteria of the upcoming law.)

They were stalling the legislation, but they have no chance but to participate as they could not stop it.

Comment Re:Don't make assumptions... (Score 1) 280

> I hired the guy that develops Paint.Net
> Don't compete with Microsoft. People will not get permission for this. For example, I wouldnt get permission to write a new word processor thus competing with word.

So what will happen in his involvment with Paint.Net when MS buys a image editor and starts to sell it? Must he stop or can he continue?

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