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Submission + - MySQL Cookbook, 2nd Ed. Reviewed

narramissic writes: "Written for MySQL 5.0/5.1 (but still more than adequately covering the popular MySQL 4.1), this book brings the how to's of the first version up to date and adds many more. It also covers using MySQL with Perl, PHP, Python, Java and Ruby! In fact, the variety of languages used in MySQL Cookbook is its strength as well as its weakness. While you're sure to find numerous recipes for working in whatever language you prefer, you will also find that many recipes you want to pursue will be provided in some other language. Even so, the reviewer rates this book as the most useful she's seen so far for solving problems in MySQL."

Submission + - Latest iTunes update hints at Apple TV Games!

An anonymous reader writes: "The latest release of iTunes, numbered 7.1, brings clear evidence that the Apple TV will be able to play games as users on the Internet noticed that it makes reference in its resource files to an Apple TV Games syncing feature." More info and explanation on how to verify this in your own copy of iTunes (Mac) can be found on MacScoop.

Submission + - Scots sherrif gets medieval on spammers

David Off writes: "A spammer has been ordered to pay £750 compensation and £616.66 in costs to the recipient of unsolicited commercial email. It is a landmark ruling as it is the first time a UK court has set a level of compensation for junk email. The private prosecution was brought by Gordon Dick under under European Union wide antispam law which makes it illegal to send junk electronic mail. Mr Dick told Edinburgh Sheriff Court that his email address had been "harvested" from a group where he was a member in contravention of the Data Protection Act and EU electronic privacy legislation. The spam mail had been sent to 72,000 recipients. Mr Dick is himself electronic marketing specialist has set up his own website ScotchSpam to highlight and help others with the problem of spam email."

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