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Comment I knew this 14yrs ago (Score 1) 139

This is rather old news.
My son is almost 14. We had in our birth plan to leave the cord alone for a while so he would get the stem cells.
Unfortunately, it was wrapped around his neck, and additionally tied in a true knot, so when he came out pale and lifeless, the doctor clamped it off and handed me the scissors.
He turned out fine, BTW.

Comment Re:The only important thing to say (Score 2, Insightful) 91

I appreciate your stance that war is immoral, but I must point out that this is not a universally held notion.

Similarly, I appreciate the concept of non violent resistance, and think it is one of the bravest stances a person can take. However, I will choose to stand against fatigue-wearing bullies, whatever color their fatigues may be. And I choose to use the sharpest sword I can lay my hand on to do it.

Free Skype Client Lands On the iPhone 150

CNet is reporting that a free Skype client will finally be landing on the iPhone this week. Unfortunately some are saying that it seems many of the "critical" pieces of functionality are still missing. While the Skype engineers claim their native client will offer better audio quality (because there is no need to route through another server and transcode audio) they are still missing text messaging, file transfers, and integrated voice mail. Since the iPhone does not allow for multiple programs running concurrently, many are expecting existing multi-function apps like Fring and NimBuzz to continue their reign at the top.

Command Lines and the Future of Firefox 360

Barence writes "Mozilla has revealed how it plans to integrate plain text commands directly into future versions of Firefox. Dubbed Taskfox, the move sees Mozilla's Ubiquity project become part of the browser itself, allowing users to type commands directly into the address bar. You can, for example, type 'map cleveland street london' to bring up a Google Map of that location, or 'amazon-search the great gatsby' to find that book on Amazon, without visiting the website directly. 'The basic idea behind Taskfox is simple: take the time-saving ideas behind Ubiquity, and put them into Firefox,' the Taskfox wiki claims. 'That means allowing users to quickly access information and perform tasks that would normally take several steps to complete.'"

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