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Comment Re:Plain Text (Score 4, Informative) 114

Not that it changes your question much, but I think a significant number of subtitle systems (I know DVD does this for one) are based on low depth bitmaps, not text. That said, that makes it harder to understand why they'd be so easy to code badly, given bitmaps have an easily calculated maximum size.

Comment Re:Fucked (Score 1) 285

Actually it wasn't a joke involving homosexuality at all -- at least not the whole phenomenon. It's about one thing that homosexuals happen to do.

Fellatio is sometimes performed between men who do not identify as homosexual -- e.g. in prison, boarding schools and other male-only situations -- and who don't take part in same sex relations outside those circumstances. In such situations it often denotes a dominance/submission relationship, which is what the joke is alluding to.

Of course you could argue that anyone who ever engages in a "homosexual act" is a "homosexual", but that's quibbling over definitions; if you define homosexuality that way, then it's clear that the kind that takes place in prison is very different from being a friend of Dorothy.

Comment Re: Not an error. A lie. (Score 4, Informative) 338

I'm aware of how the Laffer curve works, but most reputable economic studies show the top of the curve is at around a 60% top marginal tax rate. Anything lower than that and you are losing revenue. In any case, I am just going by what the budget itself claims. It counts the same two trillion twice, read the articles, it's a basic math error.

Comment Sadly, here's how they make it stick (Score 4, Insightful) 188

Here's how this works for them in the end:

THE FREE MARKET! As in There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Market.

  ** Every other drone manufacturer requires that you do the same. The end. **

It's how we have encrypted BIOS, encrypted car engine diagnostics, and cell phones that don't have manual cutoffs on the camera and mic. How we have no choice in internet and cell phones providers when it comes to privacy. They just copy each other's requirements. Emergent multopoly.

Comment Re:Dream up another hit (Score 1) 117

If they make another hit, I'd bet on AR/VR. Its close enough to be reasonable (unlike self driving cars which are at least a decade out of commercial), and the nerd stigma is the perfect thing for them to overcome- smartphones existed before the iphone (windows mobile, symbian), but were considered a nerd toy ay best.

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