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Comment Re:The Mac Is Dead (Score 1) 172

Er, no. There is nothing Unix "-like" about NeXTSTEP, which is the basis for the MacOS; both NextSTEP and MacOS *are* Unixes descending from BSD 4.4.

Apple had done a lot of excellent software when Jobs came in from Next and decided to bring NextStep with him. Hypercard and Applescript, for example. OpenDoc had tremendous promise, I thought, to simplify application development, although it had gotten a little ahead of what was typical hardware resources for the era (e.g. it added 2 MB of RAM to an app's memory requirements at a time when RAM ). Appleworks, given its origin in the era of 128K RAM memories, was quite impressive. Al Gore's *An Inconvenient Truth* started life as an Apple Keynote presentation he'd put together; Keynote was originally developed by Apple software guys for Steve Jobs' use.

What Apple wasn't really good at until Jobs came back was business. They had a confusing large (and thus expensive to build and hard to market) product line. They had bad, often schizophrenic relationships with partners, developers, and indeed enterprise customers.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 129

So, perhaps the rate of misbehavior by police was low already,

I've found some statistics for 2010. I don't know if the rate of police misbehavior in DC has gone down since then, but it was pretty bad.

"4,861 – Unique reports of police misconduct tracked
6,613 – Number of sworn law enforcement officers involved (354 were agency leaders such as chiefs or sheriffs)
6,826 – Number of alleged victims involved
247 – Number of fatalities associated with tracked reports
$346,512,800 – Estimated amount spent on misconduct-related civil judgments and settlements excluding sealed settlements, court costs, and attorney fees."


Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 129

If 'bad behavior' is only attributable to a small percentage of cops to begin with, then you would expect little change on average from using cameras.

The "bad behavior" (a nice euphemism for killing people) may be attributable to only a small percentage of cops, but the much larger percentage are part of a system which is designed to protect the bad cops.

The fact is, cameras have no effect on bad cops because bad cops know ain't nothing gonna happen to them.

Comment Re:Weasel words (Score 1) 172

I don't know how recent your model of Camaro was, but it appears that the newest generation was designed at least in part by the same GM folks who thought the Hummer (later Hummer H1) would be a good road-going car. The H1 has atrocious sight lines in the front, the Camaro has terrible sight lines out the back. Being as the H1 had terrible fuel economy and the top speed of a really good bicycle, the front sight lines were really important. Similarly at the Camaro is overweight and underpowered for it's vehicle class, it is important to have good rear sight lines so you can see the UPS truck that is about to pass you.

Comment Who and what do you trust? (Score 1) 175

You are right of course to distrust your own mind; it has a bias for convenience. But someone gives you a thing like a crypto token and tells you to entrust your deepest secrets, perhaps even to imbue the artifact with your personal authority.

Should you trust that thing so much, keeping mind that in effect means trusting everyone involved in its programming and provisioning?

I foresee passwords remaining useful and indeed essential, despite their obvious limitations, as part of two factor authentication. Even if you are using biometrics, those can be stolen or counterfeited by various methods.

Comment Re: Unacceptable (Score 1) 151

You're hung up on racism==bad so if lots of people do it it can't be bad therefore it isn't racism

This is a major problem right now. Take a look at the number of threads right now along the lines of:

Person A: "Muslims refugees are invading Europe and raping their white women."
Person B: "That's racist bullshit dude"
Person A: "How DARE you call me a racist! Liberal ((((SJWs)))) calling people who just hate Muslims, Blacks, and Messicans is EXACTLY why we voted for Trump."

They don't like it when you call them the word that actually describes what they're doing because, well, it has negative connotations. They understand the word means something bad, but for some reason have a block about the fact that in order to avoid being described by the word, you have to, you know, not do the things the word describes.

Comment Re:Illegals are illegal (Score 1, Flamebait) 264

Dreamers are by that logic not illegals, because as children they bore no legal responsibility for their parents' actions. That's why most people choose to treat them as a separate category from their undocumented parents.

But I am interested in your logic as it applies to their parents. Does it apply only to immigrants, or is anybody who breaks the law an "illegal"? For example is a burglar or a rapist an "illegal"? Well then how about people who don't always obey the speed limit? Or fail to report income from stuff they sell on eBay?

But wait, minor tax evasion and speeding don't count because everyone does them; in fact some of that is expected.

*** me waiting to see how many people detect the irony here ***

A reasonable case could be made that illegal immigrants are actually less serious criminals than people who habitually speed or cheat on their taxes, but you have to make that argument based on the consequences of their actions, not how you feel about Mexicans.

We have an economy that cannot function without more immigrant labor than our immigration laws allow. In the agricultural sector alone, the number of undocumented workers needed to bring in harvests is over three times the legal limit for total immigration to the US. Does that make any sense? If you could wave a magic wand and deport them all, one of the first effects the average American would feel is a dramatic increase in food prices.

This situation is the fault of the Democrats -- from the 50s and 60s. Back then it was the Democratic rank and file that were xenophobic nativists, but Democratic politicians as well as Republicans understood the need for immigration. So they passed tough restrictions and proceeded to turn a blind eye toward violations -- much like cops turn a blind eye to people going 65 in a 55 mph zone.

Comment Weasel words (Score 4, Insightful) 172

I wouldn't take that reply to mean that it is dead or not. This isn't because we're dealing with Apple it's because we're dealing with a company. By comparison if Chevrolet announced this afternoon that they are canceling the Camaro again, Chevy fans would be up in arms over the brand abandoning them. If they instead coyly said they were "committed" to it and then gradually reduced production over the next few years until dropping it entirely by 2020 they could say it was "market pressures" and "consumer demand", without there having been any company plans for it before then.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 129

And, you know, that's fine. If cameras don't deter bad behavior, so be it. But in that case, FFS, use the footage, both against criminals who otherwise benefit from the ambiguity the lack of footage would bring, and against bad cops.

Cameras aren't just about deterring bad behavior, they're also about being able to reliably deal with he said/she said situations where there are severe consequences for believing one party over the other.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 102

Have you ever been to California? I mean seriously.

I just moved to the Central Coast. It's heaven on Earth. There's surfing, the weather is always wonderful and it's absolutely beautiful. I have ten beaches within a 5 minute drive or pleasant bike ride. I can get the best fish tacos on the planet and the girls wear really short shorts here. Cheap and delicious fresh fruit and produce. In a half-hour, I'm going up a mountain behind my house so that I can watch the Orionids meteor shower.

I've been from one end of this great country to the other. Chicago, New York, Carolinas, Texas. This is the spot, right here. When I die, I want my wife to throw my ashes on the Pacific, like Walter and the Dude threw Donnie's ashes.

Comment Re:"violence to advance their cause" (Score 2, Insightful) 265

Except one side defines "Nazi" as anyone who disagrees with their extremist social and political decisions.

You repeat that canard, but it's just not true. We're talking about literal Nazis, promoting literal ethnic cleansing using literal swastikas. Just because they put a picture of Pepe next to the swastika doesn't make them less Nazi.

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