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Comment got mine (Score 1) 147

Just as an anecdotal data point, I requested coupons the day after the last /. article about their running out. I got them in the mail last week. I'm guessing you were asking rhetorically, but just in case; folks who couldn't wait are boned.

Comment Re:YES, they are! (Score 1) 456

I guess no one is cross checking the orbits of all satellites?

Yes, of course, they certainly ARE watching all satellites!

So why, oh, why didn't somebody point a fleet of telescopes at the expected collision/spread area and get us some of the best news-as-it-happens, stuff that matters, scientifically-useful video footage ever!?!slash! In all seriousness though, getting video of these events seems a no-brainer good idea. A shame as this one sounds like it was spectacular. I suppose at this rate there's always next time. and the time after that. and...

Comment Re:Video games don't have a monopoly on violence. (Score 1) 116

Your point is well taken. It does make me wonder though, if we imagine an scale of immersion into violence; from talking about irl genocide at the water cooler, to really getting into singing along with a heavy metal song about all the killing in war, to reading a violent spy book, to D n D, to watching violent movies, to playing today's most immersive and violent games (to playing them in 3D?); I do see that this scale has a top and that we're crawling toward utterly-convincing, but still not real, violent experiences. I hate video game legislation as much as the next guy, but frankly, I pause at the thought of tomorrow's kids who'll go to school with the kid with no parenting and easy access to purchase "Stabby McGee; Reign of the High School Shank-Master III" to go on an utterly-realistic random stabbing-spree, in a school, for four hours a night.

Of course the other half of me is screaming all of those concerns are idiotic, that his inability to handle a video game is, in fact, the parents fault and that by the time immersion like that is possible, it will be just like books and today's video games--easily separated from reality.

Comment Re:Wireless (Score 1) 1079

multifail. As the other said, you say the Express cannot send audio; it can. Your link is to the higher-ed Apple Education Store, which requires filling out a form (and lying in my case) to click through. You link to the Extreme not the Express.

$99, portable, 802.11n wireless access point, print server, and airTunes music streaming client, AirPort Express.

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