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Wireless Networking

Submission + - FCC: Much of Western U.S. is 3G wasteland ( 1

alphadogg writes: The Federal Communications Commission has released a map showing which counties across the U.S. lacked coverage from either 3G or 4G networks and found that wide swaths of the western half of the country were 3G wastelands, particularly in mountainous states such as Idaho and Nevada. This isn't particularly surprising since it's much more difficult for carriers to afford building out mobile data networks in sparsely populated mountainous regions, but it does underscore how large stretches of the United States lack access to mobile data services that people in the Northeast, South and Midwest now take for granted.

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

The founders of the USA - which is to say the delegates to the Continental Congress and its successor bodies - were, admittedly, mostly at least nominally Christian. But the country that they created was, by design, emphatically a secular entity.

That's all I was trying to say. Nowhere in my post did I ever communicate anything remotely non-secular. The rest of your post is just you rambling about how you imagine me, or boasting up your ego... You set forth ideas none of which have ever been processed by my brain. I don't think I even know a single Southern Baptist, but if they are filled with as much hate as you seem to be, then maybe I have? I'm glad you saw this as an opportunity for a flame war. I really don't participate in those.

So, in conclusion, Jesus loves you.


Submission + - NASA needs women ( 1

wisebabo writes: (Actually so does ROSCOSMOS and CNSA)

So here, unfortunately, is another hurdle in MANkind's dreams of long duration space flight. It turns out there are serious vision problems in astronauts that don't go away when they return to earth. Strangely enough these problems don't seem to affect women!

Anyway, at this point I'd normally say rather than making big elaborate spacecraft with spinning sections to provide gravity and heavy radiation shielding, we should just genetically re-engineer humans. But I recently read the short story "People of Sand and Slag" which describes a dystopian future where this has been done. Unfortunately the people(?) of the future have lost their humanity in more ways than one.

So maybe that's not the best idea. Hibernation anyone?

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

I'm all for separation of church and state, but someone has to run the country correct? If their were ever a man who came off as honest, and moral as Ron Paul does, regardless of Mormon or atheist he would have my vote, but until someone from those sections show up I'm going to have to continue siding with my faith, and others with similar faiths. Not every last belief someone holds is political. When someone buys into that, they are just being foolish. If you can't understand why a man who delievered babies for 30 years is pro-choice then your head is in the sad. Luckily the same man understands personal liberties, and wouldn't outlaw it. Just because he personally wouldn't perform one, doesn't mean he can't understand the medical need for it.

If it were not for their faith would the founders have been enlightened enough to write the documents in the manner in which they did? Neither of us can really say. I'm not trying to draw more battle lines either, just attempting to illustrate that if faith/religion gives us otherwise moronic human race a way of being peaceful, moral, and prosperous then it's generally a good thing. If you found a way to be peaceful, moral, and prosperous without having faith/religion that too is great. Just a bit harder to arrive at I guess?

I'm not here to play moral police, if you're not paying taxes you're good in my book folks!!

Submission + - Largest ISP in the Netherlands KPN is hacked (

An anonymous reader writes: KPN, the Netherlands largest ISP has been hacked. After several days of downplaying the hackers have published some of the data stolen. In the hack the usernames, telephone numbers, and passwords (unhashed) have been made available on pastebin. After trying to downplay the story in the media for a few days, the provider, faced with the pastebin publication has taken down its webmail service for ALL its clients (roughly 2 million). The ISP has stated in the media several times that no data had been taken in the hack. The pastebin proves otherwise. The dutch Rapid Response government IT-responce team (GovCert) has been involved in the downplaying of the story so far. It appears that the Koninklijke Ptt Nederland is not quite worthy of the 'koninklijke' (Royal) in its name. ( The only reason KPN has even acknowledged the hack appears to be that they could no longer deny the story. Unconfirmed sources state that even more info (such as credit card, bank details etc) also have been copied; in a hacker stated they are in possession of 16 GB of data of the paying customers of KPN. So far the KPN has not tried to contact their customers. This is the latest 'hack' in the netherlands, after the popular tech-website Webwereld had their 'hack of the day' month Lektober ('leaktober') exposing how the government in the netherlands is unable to follow the most basic security practices. The system that was hacked was a linux system that was unpatched. This allowed the hackers free access to other servers in use by the KPN for their internal network. KPN stated they formed a 100-man team working day & night to stop the hack; but only after intervention of the FOX-IT security firm were they able to stop the unauthorised access to the compromised server. KPN stated they acted as fast as they could; after it became apparent that the hackers were able to theoretically take down the emergency telephone number in the netherlands, 112 (911 in the USA) . Since maintaining this number is regulated by law in the netherlands, KPN als have informed the dutch equivalent of the SEC.

Submission + - Windows 8 Features That Have Linux Roots (

itwbennett writes: "As details about new features in Windows 8 started to be discussed in the Building 8 blog and bandied about in Linux/Windows forums, Linux users were quick to chime in with a hearty 'Linux had that first' — even for things that were just a natural evolution, like native support for USB 3.0. So ask not 'did Linux have this first', but 'does Windows 8 do it better?'"

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

Second, spend more time with soldiers.

I've just got done doing 6 years active duty Army. I'm not saying soldiers downrange are not thinking! They are some of the best and brightest. That doesn't mean that they (and I) are incapable of buying into all the lies hook line and sinker.
I want to defend yours, and my children's liberties more than anything in the world, but could no longer partake after what I saw first hand going on. Seeing the federal waste first hand has deeply effected me, much like the violence a Vietnam soldier would have saw deeply effected him. (Think military-industrial complex)
My main point is that the people who volunteer have a much deeper sense of what freedom is VS. what some dickhead /.'er who is just highly educated on the idea/history/basis of freedom. America should be listening to us, not the pundit morons. Will they? No, but they have those stupid Yellow Ribbons on the back of their foreign car, so they don't need to support us any further. Want proof or an example? Someone will only see the bold statement at the end here, and dismiss it as stupidty because he is SO educated on SO many other things.


Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

Props given where props are due, but the division that is currently happen within the US needs to be addressed.

Someone mentioned separation of church and state. That has NOTHING to do with how faithful/religious the leaders are, that simply has to do with PROTECTING your liberty to practice whatever you wish. Just because a person is Christian DOES not mean they are part of this neo-conservative movement currently happening. When people jump strait to that thought, and put out the possibility of it happening it creates fear in those who wish to practice something else, or nothing at all. The idea you fear someone who you think is stupid is kinda laughable, and kinda makes you stupid. Education on violence is the last thing people want, which is sad. It should be the first thing taught at a certain age/maturity level.

Lesson 1: If we have anarchy (i.e. no government) paying for healthcare will no longer be a concern. Paying for protection will be your #1 expense. Unless you can protect yourself, then your #1 concern will be finding those (to offer services, or force your will...depends on your morality) who can't. The mass majority of people can't protect themselves even with the right tools. What good is a hammer if your not a carpenter? Can you use it? Sure. Can you use it and end up with the same results a carpenter would? (i.e building a house) Not a chance.

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

I guess the 6 years i just got done serving as Active Duty Army doesn't count? Really that quote has just helped me personally, I don't mean it applies to all soldiers. Here is a better one for you:

Boredom, Soldiers, Sailors, and War:

"I suppose every man is shocked when he hears how frequently soldiers are wishing for war. The wish is not always sincere; the greater part are content with sleep and lace, and counterfeit an ardour which they do not feel; but those who desire it most are neither prompted by malevolence nor patriotism; they neither pant for laurels, nor delight in blood; but long to be delivered from the tyranny of idleness, and restored to the dignity of active beings."

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

You live in a democracy.

The USA is a Republic, a nation of laws. Societies views of what is acceptable and what is not is what form these laws.
Are we a democracy in the sense we are allowed to go vote? Yes. Does your vote matter when the Supreme Court decides the outcome of elections? Is your vote an educated one with the now involvement of SUPER PAC's?


Submission + - Google Maps over SSL is not-resistant against traffic analysis attacks (

An anonymous reader writes: A researcher from IOActive has shown that even when a user is browsing Google Maps over SSL the traffic can still be deciphered. This can be done by simply looking at the request and response sizes and correlating them with a spidered database containing the image sizes of the tiles that actually make up the Google Maps application.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1, Flamebait) 286

If this small article makes you feel that good, you should take a look at the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

People will object to this because they will view it as political, but I doubt those people are Vets. I doubt those people would step in the ring with a Pro Boxer, but will argue freedom and liberty with those who take it on professionally. No man is perfect, otherwise he wouldn't be a man, but a God.

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 3, Interesting) 286

I offer you a quote that might shed some light on the difference between Hollywood's version of good guys, and the real thing.

"If soldiers thought, they wouldn't be soldiers."

The line between police and military is becoming grey in the US. They want them to be interchangeable. Once the general public has accepted the fact that your liberties are provided to you by the government, and not your Creator we will be doomed.

Don't believe in a creator? That's fine, but understand this country was founded by Religous people and we will always be fighting to govern it, because we know our rights are provided by our Creator.

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