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Comment Re:Begging the Question (Score 1) 296

A child lying to parents about what he/she is doing at a given time is often simply a defense mechanism for obtaining some privacy and a degree of control over their own life and therefore making themselves feel more adult, even though the parents might in fact know better.

That does not somehow make it right, IMHO.

Comment Re:Umm, duh? (Score 1) 281

This points to a major systemic flaw in our certification programs for voting machines. Period. End of discussion.

Go deeper. This points to a major systemic flaw in a large portion (>50%?) of humanity, in that on the whole humanity would rather have ${whatever_it_is_they_want} rather than have less but more quality stuff. Not everyone has as much attention to detail of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, scientists in general, etc.

Comment Re:if they do that (Score 1) 476

I wish I could believe in that, but I think it's the beginning of a monopoly. Then, in about two decades, people will finally wise up and start to do something. Then, another decade will pass, and a better successor will finally take hold.

The same thing is happening currently in the software industry.

Comment Re:Site seems to break (Score 1) 848

Oh, I wouldn't have minded, but I got the humor anyway :).

I was genuinely surprised to see the Java download manager. When I followed the link in the source I saw some ActiveX stuff mentioned and assumed it was going to be IE only, but then the Java stuff popped up. I'd have to do more research, but I think the problem I had was more of a javascript problem where clicking on the download button did not change the current page as MS's web developer had intended it to, than an intentional IE lock-in.

Comment Re:Site seems to break (Score 1) 848

You also have to be downloading on a windows machine. You can't do it on a Mac. Apparently Microsoft thinks Macs still can't burn DVDs.

Actually, I downloaded it on a Linux machine. The download button did not work, but I was able to look at the page source to figure out the link to go to, which then brings up a Java download manager through which the ISO downloads (which, incidentally, looks a lot like a bittorrent client, even telling me how many connections I was downloading through).

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