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Comment Re:updates? (Score 1) 310

I usually hunt down the latest map packs ISO each year and any firmware updates and load them in.

This is the part that is probably illegal in many countries. It is an option but it's pretty easy for a dealership to check and automatically flag if you bring your car in for service.

Comment Re:Fem Nav (Score 1) 310

Before I started navigating on the phone, my nav interface was my wife screaming at me.

I believe they are referred to as the nagigator. If it'll make you feel more comfortable I can put you in touch with a company that will record your wife's voice so that all of your audio cues will be in your wife's voice.

Comment Re:Built In Doesn't Warn You About Police (Score 1) 310

This. The built-in navigation on many cars locks the whole dang thing into read-only mode whenever the car is moving. My phone doesn't have this nonsense limitation. Yet another reason I will never by a built-in navigation system ever again. (That $300 map update thing is another.)

Interestingly Waze does detect that you are in motion and will lock you out of some things, but at least there's an override to indicate that you are a passenger. Your car knows whether there is a passenger or not from sensors in the seat and could easily offer the option if a passenger was detected. I have not seen one that does this.

Comment Re:Who needs books? (Score 1) 87

These days, there are so many amazing online resources, it is rare that I would get use from a printed book. I am a little sad and nostalgic, but I honestly don't see their business model lasting all that much longer. Even if all of their books were readily and cheaply available online, I probably still wouldn't read them. It's simply the wrong way to present the type of information that I need.

The issue I have with printed media, especially tech related, is that by the time it hits the street it's already outdated or deprecated.

Comment Re:Do the Energy Math and Space is a Distraction (Score 1) 254

WTF? You have case history to cite of the long term survival of 'species' depending on migrating to more than one planet?

Clearly that is what has happened to many, if not all of the other species that share this universe with us or we would have heard from them by now. We need to learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 332

While I'll grant you that the data can be explained by competing theories, in this case only half the officers had cameras on. That certainly suggests that it's not limited to officer behavior.

Assuming that officers worked in pairs and given that the cameras were randomly assigned, any given team will not have a camera only 25% of the time.

Comment Re:Have the actual IoT devices been identified? (Score 1) 69

It would be really handy to know what devices are actually at risk, so that people can tell if they need to take action. It sounds like whatever these devices are, they have somehow been exposed to the Internet (didn't we all disable UPNP years ago).

I haven't seen the source code yet, but here is an interesting article that discusses at least some of the participants.

Comment Re:Only one surprise (Score 1) 250

Since we don't recommend pretty much every printer company for various and often similar dickish behaviour (seriously you think HP had enough innovation left to come up with this? They just copied this from Lexmark, and added a time delay to make it look new), just what should we do?

Maybe Lexmark could sue them for infringing their business model.

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