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Comment Laughable (Score 1) 473

If you understand Systems, your never obsolete. Everything is a step in a process. In to out. No matter how much technology you use during a checkout. Its always the same. Product, Price, and Payment. It's not just IT. It's in life this happens too. Around 35 most people become Fat Lazy Bastards or company shills. Either way have lost their soul and believe in all this Resume, headhunter, tps report,marketing,etc bullshit. I charge $50 for my resume and all it is is a 8x11 glossy of Mr. T saying "I pity the fool". Because I'm like the fucking A-Team, "If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find me, maybe you can hire me." If your not a Hero, your someone waiting to be saved.

Comment A matter of vote (Score 1) 156

If you are happy and content with how your government runs your country and see no evil and have never been slighted by your country just move along. It needs to be regulated so they can re-package and sub-divide it for sale. Corporations are understanding they are only making a fraction of what money lies out there on the Internet. They will attempt to privatize the Internet in the same way they privatized access to fresh water sources. They will want licenses, fees and taxes for operating websites get x views. They will want no limit to the volume of/in ads, pop-ups and tracking (not for government, but so they can sell you better). With the wealth of people who show up on slashdots, diggs, redits and such, It always disappoints me that there are not more Terry "Not without my consent because thats a bad idea" Childs. IT (this is you and me) does control the networks, servers and hubs. I think of the cluster I have and I will say "no", but if I'm alone I'll get fired, arrested and possibly beaten. We just need to turn it all off one day and say "No God dammit, I'm sick of being exploited and plundered!", "No God dammit, I don't want to have 4 advertisements shoved up my ass for 5 minutes of video I watch", "No God damnit, The Internet has made your Government moot as I can talk to people over there already and I don't need some rich kid ambassador speaking for me", "No God Damit, You already control the Jobs, The money, The Land, The Air and the Water". Now you brave and noble men who will once more follow me into the breach, when you live to see old age and think of this day, Saint Childs Day, You will tell your storys and show your scars. You will proudly say "These wounds I suffered on Saint Childs Day" and all your neighbors will bake you cookies. Sys admins, Switch Operators, Build teams, Dev guys, Solid state, embedded systems and etc please just stand up and let everyone know, "Not on My Watch!" and more importantly when they go over that line to do everything in our power to stop them, including locking them out of their property.

4chan Declares War On Snow 201

With all the recent hacktivism in the news, Anonymous has decided to take on a new and powerful enemy: snow. On Sunday the group announced that it will "do everything in its power to shut snow down by attacking the Weather Channel and North Face websites, boycotting outerwear, and voting for the sun as Time’s 2010 Person Of The Year." I'm sure there are a lot of people in Minneapolis right now that would wish them luck.

Comment Play behind (Score 1) 225

I pay for the games I know will rock me (GTA, Fallout, SC). Those companies have built a quality name for that GAME franchise not the DEVELOPER company. As for Example, I have pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas even though the DEVELOPER has changed because I can so trust in that games franchise quality. Otherwise Gamefly is how I pick up new titles, its by far cheaper to rent and play a game for a number of reasons; I can bet any Prince of Persia/or simple in a couple of days of gameplay and they have very little replay value, so IMO $20 is too much so I just rent and beat; Other games from unknown or new publishers or developers who I'm to believe are getting worse not better (EA anything not sports), once again rent and test, This kept me from buying several bad rpgs.; Lastly some games are good but not worth their release price but I still have the want to own them, I rent the game play through the tutorial, save my game, return the game, wait 6-9 months, goto bestbuy ask for game, pay $20, done.

Darth Vader Robs Long Island Bank 190

Apparently the destruction of the second Death Star has stretched the Galactic Empire's coffers so thin that Lord Vader himself is robbing banks. From the article: "Impotent Rebel Alliance security forces tell Newsday (paywall) that Vader marched into a Chase bank in Setauket around 11:30 a.m. today. Brandishing a completely unnecessary handgun — as he had the power to choke the oxygen out every teller's throat — the fallen Jedi demanded cash."

The Creativity Crisis 571

An anonymous reader writes with this quote from an article at Newsweek: "For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. ... Like intelligence tests, Torrance's test — a 90-minute series of discrete tasks, administered by a psychologist — has been taken by millions worldwide in 50 languages. Yet there is one crucial difference between IQ and CQ scores. With intelligence, there is a phenomenon called the Flynn effect — each generation, scores go up about 10 points. Enriched environments are making kids smarter. With creativity, a reverse trend has just been identified and is being reported for the first time here: American creativity scores are falling. Kyung Hee Kim at the College of William & Mary discovered this in May, after analyzing almost 300,000 Torrance scores of children and adults. Kim found creativity scores had been steadily rising, just like IQ scores, until 1990. Since then, creativity scores have consistently inched downward. 'It's very clear, and the decrease is very significant,' Kim says. It is the scores of younger children in America — from kindergarten through sixth grade — for whom the decline is 'most serious.'"

When Telemarketers Harass Telecoms Companies 234

farnz writes "Andrews & Arnold, a small telecoms company in the UK, have recently been hit with an outbreak of illegal junk calls. Unlike larger firms, they've come up with an innovative response — assign 4 million numbers to play recordings to the telemarketers, put them on the UK's Do-Not-Call list and see what happens. Thus far, the record is over 3 minutes before a telemarketer works out what's going on." The sound quality (and the satisfying humor) of the recording gets better as it goes on.

Apple Implements the CalDAV Standard For MobileMe 152

Vermyndax writes "Apple announced the new MobileMe Calendar beta on July 6th. The mainstream press picked up the story and plugged the gorgeous new iPad-like interface for all devices. It seems, however, that they missed the real story: MobileMe's new Calendar application is an implementation of CalDAV, the proposed calendaring standard. This may be the same implementation that exists in Snow Leopard Server and is open sourced. The hidden gem in all of this is that Apple plans to bring this CalDAV connectivity to Outlook users on MobileMe. Where might they take it next?"

Implantable Eye Telescope Finally FDA Approved 112

kkleiner writes "A telescopic implant that fits directly into the eye to treat certain kinds of blindness has finally received FDA approval for use in the US after more than five years of waiting. The Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT) is used to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition that affects millions around the world. For many, the center part of their vision becomes blurred or completely dark. The IMT is surgically implanted into the cornea and acts to expand an incoming image onto the peripheral parts of the retina that are undamaged by AMD. The commercial version of the IMT is called CentraSight and is in development by VisionCare Inc. There are likely hundreds of thousands of potential patients in the US alone who may be able to have their vision partially restored now that CentraSight has garnered FDA approval."

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