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Submission + - Finnish Government Criticizes Microsoft for Job Cuts

jones_supa writes: Microsoft has recently announced a new round of job layoffs at its Mobile unit in Finland, as it moves forward with its restructuring and reorganization plan following the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services unit. The Finnish government has criticized Microsoft for turning to more job cuts in the country, pointing out that the company has a huge responsibility to help those who are being let go. Microsoft's latest job cut round included 1,850 people, 1,350 of which are said to be working in Finland. "I am disappointed because of the (initial) promises made by Microsoft," Finance Minister Alexander Stubb was quoted as saying by Reuters. "One example is that the data center did not materialize despite the company's promise." He refers to Microsoft's promise in 2013 to invest $250 million in a data center located in Finland that was specifically meant to provide services to European customers. All of these worries are not unfounded as the employment situation in Finland is still quite terrible, and the decline of Nokia's former phone business certainly excarberates the situation.

Comment Re:corrupt world (Score 1) 91

It is not a good way because the music and software makers have not agreed upon TPB's distribution chain and the creators get no royalties or any other profits.

The torrent site owners, on the other hand, get some nice profits through aggressive advertising, which also sometimes puts visitors' computers on risk through malvertising.

Is this the proper way to help "break the media mafia distribution monopoly"? No. TPB is nothing more than an amateur website for people to distribute pirated stuff because it is fun.

Comment Re:corrupt world (Score 1) 91

They aren't doing anything illegal, and certainly there must be some country somewhere that officially recognizes that.

Do you realize that these guys have set up the infrastructure for massive online piracy?

What they are doing is maybe not technically illegal, but highly unethical.

It's no wonder that there are entertainment and software tycoons that want to seize the TPB operations.

Comment Hakuna matata (Score 1) 167

So what? It only uses the voice data to show specific advertisements. This does not differ from the way that Facebook has used text data since the beginning.

I know that this is kind of politically incorrect to say in Slashdot (and that's what makes saying it fun), but I claim that the benefits of Facebook still outweigh its drawbacks. My life is too short to ponder about some datamining. My data goes only through the advertisement engine and is not read by humans.

The real danger is that if NSA has a hotline to the data. That is nothing specific to Facebook, though.

Submission + - Google France Being Raided for €1.6B Unpaid Taxes

jones_supa writes: Investigators in France have raided Google's Paris headquarters amid a probe over the company's tax payments, Reuters reported. The French Finance Ministry is investigating €1.6 billion in back taxes. According to a report in French daily Le Parisien, at least 100 investigators are part of the raid at Google's offices. A source close to the finance ministry said that the raid at Google's offices has been ongoing in Tuesday since 03:00 GMT. In February, a source at the French Finance Ministry told Reuters that the government was seeking the €1.6B from Google. At the time, official spokespeople for Google France and the Finance Ministry refused to comment on the situation.

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