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Comment Re:From the article (Score 1) 144

I prefer games where you have to be able to play and have to make right decisions to succeed, and now every MMO maker tries to copy the "WoW success concept"

Have you looked into EVE? It's not for everyone, but you sound like you might like it. A trial is available. Join us and fight some Minmatar scum in the name of the Empress :)

Comment Re:Don't do anything (Score 2) 541

The world does want the US to meddle, but only when they want them to meddle.

That was kinda my point... I was being strongly sarcastic with my comment but I realize now that it could easily be misunderstood and taken literally. In fact I'm wondering whether any one of those Insightful moderations were given by people who did just that. That would be doubly ironic, I'd say.

Comment Don't do anything (Score 4, Insightful) 541

The world has been clamoring for you guys to stop meddling in their affairs and only mind your own. So I suggest that you should do just that: it will cost you nothing and you won't generate any further ill will towards you. What's not to like?
Maybe people will change their mind or maybe they won't, either way you'll be covered.

Comment Re:When it's over (Score 1) 295

Crying me a fucking river.... they've got more money than other institution in the world and have been given unconditional power of life and death over everybody else, so forgive me if I don't shed any tears over those guys actually having to experience some hardship. And don't give me any crap about rules of engagement, idiotic conventions and such, nobody enforces those just like nobody keeps police forces in check back home.

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