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Spore Expansion Announced, Another Coming In 2009 105

EA announced this week what many suspected for a while, now: Spore expansions are on their way. The first, due out in November, will be an addition to the creature creator, offering more parts for players to use. The next, due in Spring 2009, will provide new gameplay: "The expansion will give space-faring species the ability to beam down from their ships to explore other worlds and complete missions. And along with this, the expansion will include an Adventure creator, in which players can build — and then share — their own customized missions."
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Submission + - Automating the war on terrorism (

jcatcw writes: The Department of Homeland Security is bankrolling futuristic profiling technologies to nab terrorists before they strike. Project Hostile Intent is an initiative to build systems that automatically identify and analyze behavioral and physiological cues associated with deception. Current research focuses on microfacial expressions, variations in speech, and physiological characteristics such as blood pressure. An initial demo is scheduled for early this year, followed by test deployments in 2010. By 2012, if all goes well, the agency hopes to begin deploying automated test systems at airports, border checkpoints and other points of entry. It's just one of several programs that the DHS's human factors division is pursuing. Others include violent-intent modeling, biometrics, high-resolution X-rays, the puffer machine, and whole-body imaging, which is already in use in Phoenix and coming to LAX and JFK soon.

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