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Submission + - My TV has an OS, it's L I N U X!

Zolan writes: Very recently I purchased what I deem as a nice Television (Hitachi LCD Rear Projection Television [55VS69A]). After setting it up and doing the whole "Oooohhh Aahhhh" thing, I decided to flip through the manual. Mainly I was quickly looking through it to figure out how to configure the remote. That is when I made my even more glorious discovery. I flipped to a page and saw three glorious letters on it... GNU... After a moment of complete shock I read more.

I quote from the "Operating Guide for 50VS69A 55VS69A and 62VS69A", "Your Hitachi brand digital television (the 'DTV') uses certain open source operating system software (the 'OS Software') distributed pursuant to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 and GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1, each as defined and published by the Free Software Foundation, Inc."

Among the list of software used are: Linux Kernal, busybox, dhcpdcd, ifupdow, net-tool, iptables, libstdc++5, glibc, libposixtime. Following this list it goes on to mention that if you would like to request a copy of the Source Code Modifications from HITACHI, please send an email to the following address: Following that, there is, in full, a copy of the GPLv2 and the GLGPLv2.1. That almost brought a tear of joy to my eye.

This TV has a serial port though I've yet to attempt to see if there is a console on it yet.

Anyway, I am posting this because I was amazed that after doing some Google searches it seems there is no mention of this on the web, nor is there a mention of it on Hitachi's site. I figured /. would want to know.

If I find anything exceptionally cool once I finally try the serial port I shall return to post my findings. If anyone else discovers or does something cool with this TV I would love to know about it.
The Internet

Submission + - The Pirate Bay Interview

An anonymous reader writes: Gottfrid "Anakata" and Peter "Brokep" from the Pirate Bay took place in Computer Swedens "hot seat" this week, where the readers asked them questions (Swedish) about their income, copyright infringement, Sealand and more. TorrentFreak translated the interview for all The Pirate Bay fans outside Sweden.

Where Do You Go for Worthwhile Product Reviews? 88

An anonymous reader asks: "What's the deal with reviews and product comparisons? My boss wants independent comparative reviews of proxy and web servers to use to make/justify his decision. We all know that what the vendors write about their own (and competitive) products, so I tried searching for 3rd party reviews. I can find heaps of articles on the web telling us how great IIS is or how good Microsoft's Proxy server is, but nothing showing a back-to-back comparison of Squid vs. Sun Java Proxy vs. Microsoft Proxy, and the same for Apache and IIS. What's happening here? Where can I find an honest back-to-back product comparison?"

Submission + - China shoots down weather satellite

BunnyClaws writes: U.S. officials are expressing concern over a recent missle test in space where China shot down an old weather satellite. The missile was fired from a ground based ballistic missile. The missile successfully hit and destroyed the Chinese weather satellite 537 miles above the earth. The U.S. and other nations have expressed concerns about debris being left in orbit that could interfere with other satellites in orbit. The U.S. is questioning the motivation for this action taken by China. It seems that the U.S. has anticipated this action when it revised its national space policy last October by denying access to anyone to space who would pose a threat to U.S. space interests.

Submission + - Linux related videos from CES

Charbax writes: "Here are some of the Linux related videos from CES 2007: The 100$ Laptop OLPC is running Pepper OS, a demonstration of the OLPC displays visibility outdoors and OLPC Chief Connectivity Officer Michail Bletsas talking about the Mesh networking, OLPC C-sound music synthesiser demo, OLPC talk with Marvell representative about possible upcoming 802.11N and WiMax versions of the 100$ Laptop. Also a nice Geode-based Fedora-Linux tablet demo of the PepperPad 3. Finally a Nokia N800 interview with the product manager. You can post more links to Linux related videos from CES 2007 in the comments.."

Submission + - Ruby on Rails 1.2 Released

Scooter[AMMO] writes: David Heinemeier Hansson sent a post to the Rails Blog letting everyone know about the availability of Rails 1.2. This new version adds a slew of buff and polish to the rest of the system, as well several new features like RESTful interfaces, response formats, improved multi-byte support, and more. If you haven't checked out the web application framework that aims to renew joy within its users, give it a look. You may be amazed at how easy it makes things without sacrificing power or functionality.

Submission + - Anatomy of pump'n'dump SPAM

giorgiofr writes: Laura Frieder and Jonathan Zittrain have analized pump'n'dump spam activity in their paper "Spam Works: Evidence from Stock Touts and Corresponding Market Activity". Unbelievably, it appears that spammers are able to achieve a 5% gain on pumped stock before dumping it, along with a dramatic increase in transaction volume of the stock. Paper summary, full paper.

Comment Improve it without changing anything? (Score 5, Insightful) 587

If Slashdot is ugly (and it is), why are so many of its "characteristic" elements supposed to be retained? One of the first things I'd do in a redesign is drop the #006666. And why not let users submit new icon packs? Once again, the icons currently in use are pretty horrendous, and yet the criterion is "Make it look pretty while still using our shitty gifs. So let's see: The redesign has to keep the same title font, the same top-left curve, and the same green; it must have white content areas, because it must incorporate the lovely set of circa 1999 icons. What exactly are you expecting?

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