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Submission + - Analysis: Will EMC's big gamble pay off?

eastbayted writes: Over the past three years, EMC has plunked down well over $5 billion (yes, billion) to pick up some 23 different technologies companies, including Documentum and RSA, that offered a motley of product types, from systems management to content management to BPO. The question many people in the IT world have been asking is, "Will EMC's information gamble payoff?" InfoWorld explores that very question as it dissects EMC's four-pillared strategy toward integrating its hodgepodge of acquired technology.

Submission + - Learn how to use the Google API with Ajax

An anonymous reader writes: It shouldn't be hard to build on what you learn here and start utilizing the Google API with your Ajax apps. More importantly, though, you will have a pretty good idea of how to use public APIs in general including the one from Amazon,, or anywhere else.

Submission + - Google Checkout sees poor customer satisfaction

Aryabhata writes: "As per an Arstechnica report on a survey by investment firm J.P. Morgan Securities, Google Checkout has had a relatively quick and modest market penetration of six percent since its launch in June of 2006, but lags behind in customer satisfaction vs PayPal. On the customer satisfaction front, only 18.8 percent reported having a "good" or "very good" experience with Google Checkout, while 81.2 percent indicated a fair to poor experience customer experience compared to PayPal's 44.2 percent reporting good experiences. Some users have reported anecdotally that Google Checkout mistakenly canceled sales without warning or that the checkout process took too long."

Submission + - Future desks to charge gadgets wirelessly?

IronMan writes: Future desks may allow us to charge our phones, iPods, PDAs and other gadgets wirelessly. Office equipment maker Herman Miller is one of the first companies to license the eCoupled inductive coupling technology from Fulton Innovation. This technology allows wireless transfer of energy through a magnetic field, it works a bit like most electronic toothbrushes. Motorola is working together with eCoupled, but it's still not sure when the first consumer devices with this technology will appear on the market. And if they do, they will probably be quite expensive.

Submission + - New way to improve social e-commerce in blogs

booBox Team writes: "The booBox project was born from a desire and a vision to automate the social e-commerce that already exists in our blogs, monetizing our actual influence. Why not? We believe our buying decisions are already influenced by the people of our social network, but there wasn't an easy, practical and beautiful way to make it happen.

When you post, you're influencing your own audience, doesn't matter if it's one or 500 people. They are there, listening to you. At this moment, a banner, text ad or a pop-up ad is a distraction in your chat.

We believe that in some point of your conversation there's an opportunity to make money, to make some bucks of your opinion, but in a way that's more like a service you're delivering to your audience than making an interruption.

We believe you can use either words or images to do it. At this moment the booBoxes come.

A booBox is a tiny little box that will bring to your audience the wonderful world of e-commerce, without leaving your blog, using your words or pictures as a path to a shopping cart. Each item sold thru your booBox will give you instant money, send to you thru your affiliate program with big players such as Amazon or Ebay."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Top 5 annoying things about Top 10 lists

Anonymous Coward writes: " -things-about-Top-10-lists/ They drive me nuts! They are everywhere. You've seen them on the internet, the papers and even heard them on the radio in music charts. They were introduced to help give the audience a simple breakdown or summary of the best of the best but now they are out of control. There are so many things I dislike about them, so I decided to do the (un)obvious thing and create a Top 5 list."

Submission + - Chinese Proff Cracks Fifth Data Encryption Algo

Hades1010 writes: "In five years, the U.S. government will cease to use SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) and convert to a new and more advanced computer data encryption, according to the article "Security Cracked!" from New Scientist The reason for this change is that 41-years old associate professor Wang Xiaoyun of Beijing's Tsinghua University and Shandong University of Technology has already cracked SHA-1. Here is the Chinese daily article "

What Tax Software Do You Use? 202

r_jensen11 asks: "I know this topic has been asked at least once before, but seeing as how 6 years have passed, I figured the question is due again. It's about that time of the year again when we find out how much we owe Uncle Sam (or as in my case, how much Uncle Sam owes me). Software has changed drastically in the past 6 years, since the previous query I found on Slashdot, as well as many tax rules. Does anyone here use tax software other than TurboTax and TaxCut? I know that there are also online forms I can fill out, but which ones are accessible to people that use OSes other than Windows and Mac OS X? I'd preferably use a program that I can use off-line and store my information locally instead of using eforms, but if I have to resort to eforms, which ones should I investigate and which ones should I stay far away from?"

Submission + - Passwords Not Secure in Firefox

I'm the Slime writes: Passwords saved by Firefox are not safe if you do not create a master password.
If you use Firefox and you want to see for yourself how to view your Passwords in plain text: Open Firefox, Open the Preferences or Options Window, Go to the Security tab, and press the show Passwords buttons.

It shows all your passwords in plain text for anyone to see!!! You can enable a password to protect this but you will have to use the password once per session to unlock all the other passwords being stored. This affects PC and Mac versions of Firefox. Why this matters: If you leave your PC unlocked anyone can see all your passwords. If you brought your PC in for repair the guys working there can see all your passwords. Your password may be your Social Security Number at some sites. Your financial information would available to anyone who wanted it. This is really serious.

Submission + - How the Camera Phone Changed the World

theodp writes: "Ten years after the amazing Philippe Kahn married a cell phone and a digital camera to capture the birth of daughter Sophie, Slate takes a look at the impact of The Camera Phone, the gadget that perverts, vigilantes, and celebrity stalkers can all agree on. 'With this kind of device,' Kahn told Wired, 'you're going to see the best and the worst of things.'"

Sony and Universal Prohibit Sharing Via Zune 325

ack154 writes "Engadget has a story about Sony and Universal Music apparently denying Zune owners the ability to 'squirt' songs by certain artists to other Zune users. That's right, if you've actually purchased songs from the Zune marketplace and happen to run into another Zune owner, you're prohibited from sharing certain songs. From the article: 'In a non-scientific sampling of popular artists by Zunerama and Zune Thoughts, it looks like it's roughly 40-50 percent of artists that fall under this prohibited banner, and the worst news is that there's no warning that a song might be unsharable until you actually try to send it and fail.'"

Submission + - T.J Maxx Hacked

wildman6801 writes: "What happens when you use your credit or debit card at a brick and mortar? Well, for T.J Maxx customers, it means checking your credit and watching your mail. On Wednesday, T.J Maxx told its customers to watch their credit and debit statements because their retail POS's were hacked! What does this mean? Well, a nightmare for many customers. The Press Republican reports about the impact on a small town in Upstate New York. le?AID=/20070119/NEWS/701190315/1027/NEWS01"

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