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Submission + - Academia & Open Sources (

simstick writes: FROM WASHINGTON Academia & Open Sources On the sixtieth anniversary of the National Security Act, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is holding a conference on Open Sources. This morning's session examines the ways academic institutions, which work with "open" or non-covert, non-secret information, can work with the intelligence community. MON., C-SPAN2, 9:30AM ET. Online viewing available.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linspire 6.0 Released (

An anonymous reader writes: From the Linspire homepage: 'It begins, where the others end.' Starting with the best that open source has to offer, Linspire adds CNR, proprietary software drivers, and codecs to provide 'the world's easiest desktop Linux'.
[Oh by the way, we're also powered by Ubuntu. cough].
Linspire: Does it begin where the others end or begin by standing on the shoulders of so called 'high brow pirates'? ;) Arrgh!
Behold, Lindows the 6th!

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