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Comment The Enterprise (Score 2) 305

It seems to me that the a key goal was to get battery life decent and keep the weight [of devices] down.'

And that's exactly what the priorities should be for portable devices.

His analysis on RT's chance of success: 'I think you can take Windows RT off the table for enterprises,' he said."

Why? Apple's iPad doesn't support the feature set that Cherry describes either, and yet it's become the fastest growing tablet in the enterprise. In fact, it's the only tablet device with any traction in that space at all. Something like 60% of the Fortune 500 have deployed iPad or have a deployment plan in the trial stages. When did that last happen with a piece of technology less than 2 years old?

There are plenty of reasons why I think Microsoft's efforts in tablets won't be successful, but the iPad's success has shown that not supporting a core Windows feature set needn't be one of them.

Comment Re:Possible High "Parental Factor" (Score 1) 201

Unless it's an obscure title you can probably download a high quality version for free via a torrent site. You've already paid, after all.

That's what I don't understand about this Wal-Mart deal. Who do they think they are competing against? Their competition offers thousands of titles at no cost, DRM free, in a variety of formats. They would need to offer something compelling to justify charging.

I'm up for paying, but only if the service offers something that their free competition doesn't. Just saying "here's a DRM-infected digital file" isn't that something.

Comment Re:What about the review process. (Score 4, Insightful) 139

We both understand that, because we both take more of an interest in this stuff than the average joe.

But from the non technical user's POV, they trust Apple to look out for them. They see the app right there in the store, and rightly make an assumption that Apple have made all the neccessary checks of that app to ensure the user is kept out of harms way.

The curated environment Apple has crafted gives the impression of safety, security and trustworthiness. Incidents like this make people question that trust.

Comment What about the review process. (Score 4, Insightful) 139

Strictly from a non-technical, user's point of view, this stuff shouldn't happen precicely because of the app review process. That screening process is supposed to give the user the confidence that the app is going to be a good actor, and not do a bunch of stuff its not supposed to. It essentially tells the user "trust Apple to keep a look out for you".

I don't expect to hear that a vetted app throws my login credentials out there in plain text for all to see. Things like this, along with finding out that iOS gives up my entire address book to an app without asking me first, leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me question that review process.

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