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Comment Tragicx (Score 0) 317

I always supported the fact that Amazon was tax-free in California even as a Californian. At least the lack of taxes was saving me money that would have otherwise been spent on government assistance for illegal aliens. The ineffectiveness of the California government makes me think we would be better off shrinking the state tax base and relying on private businesses to provide more needed services. I would expect a private business to ensure our parks stay safe and clean. I would expect a private business to provide better security than our police force. The Internet has proven that large decentralized networks that people depend on don't need to be handled by the government.

The government should serve one purpose and one purpose only: to ensure the free market remains competitive, to manage our defense, and create business practices so that we can maintain a high standard of living and are not forced to compete against places like China that undercut us through sweatshop labor practices.

The less money the federal government has in it's pocket, the better we all are.

Comment A Jew calling for more immigration to the West? (Score 0) 484

A Jew calling for more immigration to the West? You don't say!

We can't even find jobs for our own; however, that won't stop this Jew from giving away what jobs we have left to depress the cost of labor.

These Jews sicken me; they really do. They have no concept of nationalism. They completely sell out our way of life in the US and in Europe.

Deport their asses to Israel, please.

Comment He's right... (Score 0) 302

The Linux community is full of egotistical dickheads that like to control the product and then work it when the move on. Miguel De Icaza is a perfect example of this type of characters.

Let's face facts. A good number of Linux developers do it for the power and pride it gives them, not because they want to design a product that serves the needs of a diverse audience. They are the Josef Stalins and Chairman Maos of the Linux world. Totalitarian to the core. Self-serving egomaniacs in essence.

I respect Mark Shuttleworth because he has a vision of a product, and that vision drives his decision process. He's authoritarian in his process, but a slave to his vision and humble in his own status. And that is exactly why he has been successful thus far, and why he will continue to succeed.

Comment Re:schadenfreude (Score 1) 353

Technology making human labor worthless isn't the problem. The problem is that we don't have a socialist system where the means of production is collectively owned. As the cost of labor approaches zero, what will most people have to offer to Capitalists in exchange for them producing goods and offering services? The material costs will exceed the value of the labor the workers can offer in exchange. And given that most people have no stock in any important natural resources, there is absolutely nothing that most people can offer to the rich to make them produce.

Take a look at Africa to see the future. They are, for the most part, useless at any skilled labor tasks. They are simply not worth anything to the industrialists. The cost of setting up and maintaining factories in Africa outweigh the benefit of the abundant and cheap labor.

We need to adopt Socialism and some means of population control to ensure sustainability.

Comment The worst thing about Linux and OSS... (Score 1) 815

The worst thing about Linux and OSS is Miguel de Icaza.

Linux gets shit done for me just fine. The only significant issues I ever face are poor hardware drivers and UI quirks. The former of which can be mitigated by sticking to Linux-friendly hardware. The latter is a no way a productivity stopper. As far as productivity goes, I have found no more productive system than Xubuntu 12.04.

Linux runs everywhere. You more or less have the freedom to choose whatever hardware you like. It's an open platform which allows anyone to go in there and modify it to suit their needs. It's a stable platform written collaboratively by people all over the world. As, as far as a platform to invest on, Linux is a great investment as both a user and a developer because it's not subject to the same market forces as Apple or Microsoft OSes. If Microsoft or Apple were to decide to impose a productivity hindering draconian system, what can you do to stop them? You've invested all of your time and energy mastering their proprietary system. If they make bad decisions, YOU pay for those decisions.

Freedom is why I stick to Linux. Freedom is why companies should build their platform on Linux. Freedom is why Linux is the future of desktop computing. Apple might be sexy now, but it won't last.

Comment Re:Call me a skeptic here.... (Score 1) 474

"Why would people bother with this when they can just play practically all of (if not actually all of) the same games on the windows PC that they already have?"

Conversion will happen naturally as more and more users and developers start to see the benefits of Linux: free, unencumbered by licensing issues, no Microsoft vendor lock in, and source code is open. There are also many emerging markets outside of the US that haven't been raised the Microsoft way.

What's currently missing is a solid distro. Ubuntu is ambitious and dedicated, but flaky. If they can get the distro into a more reliable state, I really don't see what would be keeping a good chunk of developers and users on Windows.

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