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Comment Re:Build rather than maintain (Score 2) 243

Or, alternatively, the company recognized that he was a mess due to the death of his daughter, and didn't fire him for the drop in productivity.

In addition, his co-workers also recognized this, and carried his workload while he processed his grief.

I don't see anything in the parent post indicating that either the company or the poster had a problem with any of this; indeed, the poster says that they made a mistake when they left that company.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

I do not completely agree. Look at those brave girls who run in parks in the morning or evening. They intrinsically carry what other people may want. Shall they also give up easily?

You're trying to claim that property crime and sexual assault are equivalent, which they are not.

Your wallet and watch simply are not worth anybody's life; yours or theirs. Your bodily integrity, on the other hand, is.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

As a side note, this is a conversation I've had with my daughters.

"Imagine a woman all dolled up in club wear and heavy makeup, walking down that same street. She gets assaulted. Who's fault is it?"

"Well, sure not hers. She should be allowed to wear what she wants!"

"Ok, now imagine a man in an expensive, well-tailored suit, nice haircut, expensive watch, shiny black leather wingtips, walking through a 'bad' part of town. He gets mugged."

"Well, what did he expect, dressing like....ohhhhhh."

Comment ad absudium (Score 5, Insightful) 396

Well, how safe is it to be walking around with a pocket full of cash? What if you get robbed? What if you drop your wallet? What if you go to the bank machine and it dispenses too few bills, but thinks it dispensed them all? What if you go to a teller to withdraw cash and watch them count it, but the bank gets robbed?

At least with credit card payments, there's a known and tested dispute process in place.

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