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Comment Re: I smell a fish (Score 1) 648

Two things. One, yes, when one makes an assertion, one is generally expected to provide, or be able to provide, support for that assertion, not pooh pooh the questioner with 'it's all out there, find it yourself' or 'it is known, you sweet summer child.'

Second, I do believe he's referring to the overall political tone of major Twitter users, where others are referring to the politics and policies of Twitter the company, based on the posts involved.

Comment Re:Efficiency? Power? (Score 1) 138

No, you'll never be able to beat plugging the device in, but will you get to 'good enough?'

I mean, you'll never get as much bandwidth out of Wi-Fi/LTE/whatever as out of Ethernet or fiber, but man, there's an awful lot of Wi-Fi/LTE/whatever in common, daily use in the world. It's not uncommon at all to find households that have never plugged a device into Ethernet.

Comment Re:Just Use a Tesla Coil (Score 2) 138

Yeah, that's the problem with this line of reasoning; everything is a genetic disability, until it isn't. And a lot of times, you get good and bad. I.e. on the plus side, you're now resistant to malaria. On the negative side, you're now prone to sickle-cell anemia.

The point Darwin tried to make, and that so many people miss, is that evolution isn't a journey to a pre-defined end goal, but an adaptation to specific environments. Today's advantage might be tomorrow's weakness, and vice versa. All the other finches are laughing at your thick, blunt beak, which is useless for picking insects out of narrow holes, until a storm blows a bunch of you over to the next island, where the insects are lacking but there's delicious nuts who's hard shells you can crack with your now mighty and advantageous beak.

Comment Re:Good movie, but Luke == Flynn in Tron Legacy (Score 5, Interesting) 300

I liked some of what they did, but so much of the movie was just a series of straight-up 'take that's' at TFA and the prequels. Rey's parents? Nobodies. Luke's lightsaber? Tossed away, then broken for no good reason. From a certain point of view? Ben and Luke's different perceptions of that fateful night. Poe is a swashbuckling derring-doer and gets his whole squad killed? Fuck you, Star Wars is swashbuckling space opera, it's SUPPOSED to work like that.

My main problem with the Luke story is that it erased all of his growth from ESB and ROTJ, and turned him right back into a whiney little bitch who wanted to go to Tosche Station and pick up some power converters. They could have had him being an inscrutable old master who went into seclusion to discover where he went wrong, and figure out where to go from there, but instead, he was just running away and hiding. He should have been training Rey like an old kung-fu master, or like Yoda. Yoda's force ghost should have shown up and been like 'That bad, was I? So silly, my training techniques were?'

Having Luke's final interaction with Leia and Ben be nothing but an illusion robbed it of EVERYTHING. Luke should have shown up on the planet in person, kissed Leia, apologized for Ben, then strode out and called Ben out. The AT-ATs and what not should have been wiped away with a wave of the hand when they tried to interfere. Luke should have absolutely CLOWNED Ben, then simply turned off his lightsaber, said something like 'You see? Even though I'm far more powerful than you, I still failed. Strength alone is never enough' and Obi-Wan'd out. Rey should have been left on the Falcon, at the end, looking across all of the old Jedi texts, and one new one, written by Luke Skywalker. She should have been the inheritor of his new understanding, the one to actually put it into practice.

Comment Re:"plea deal" (Score 2) 101

I agree with this sentiment in general. I don't agree with this sentiment for the rich corporate executive.

If a poor minority kid is in the wrong time, wrong place situation, and is told to 'just take the deal, they'll throw the book at you if you dare to assert your innocence,' that's a problem.

This guy, however, had enough high-priced lawyers and what not that if he took a plea deal, it was a reasoned and informed decision. If he could have fought it with a decent chance of winning, he would have. If he'd been able to implicate somebody else, he would have.

Comment Re: Steam no longer accepts them (Score 1) 464

Gold fluctuates, because it has the same problem that bitcoin has; people mistake it for having intrinsic value, rather than for being a convenient placeholder of value.

No currency has a stable value, but if your game is $39.95 USD last week, and $39.95 USD this week, the difference in the purchasing power of that $39.95 USD between those two time periods is vanishingly small. Apparently, that game should be priced 0.00262 bitcoin today, and 0.00369 bitcoin last week.

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