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Comment Re:After the VW thing that really should be obviou (Score 1) 205

And increase the cost of getting the testing done, and therefore increase the cost of the product.


Shopped around and bought an expensive Bosch washing machine with awesome ratings for energy and water usage. Turns out it uses MORE water than the old standard one.

So you spent more on the one that is apparently gaming standardized tests...? I'll just point out that the work to game the test isn't free, either.

Comment Definition of 'worse' (Score 1) 193

And while Colligan's prediction was far worse -- Apple simply left Palm in the dust, unable to compete

We must have different definitions of worse, at least for the CEO. Getting bought out by a megacorp sounds like a way better ending than getting left in the dust and ultimately forgotten.

Comment Re:Perfect opportunity for abuse (Score 1) 255

The bottom line is that there are very few nice, generous employers anymore

I actually wonder how the assumption came to being that there were ever more than a few. I mean, you go back only 100 or so years and you're smack in the middle of the industrial revolution where the 40-hour work week didn't exist yet. It's debatable whether it really exists today...

Comment Re:Am I the only one with multiple github accounts (Score 1) 191

Ya, this is the most obvious counter-example. Seems pretty elementary to assume that many users have multiple accounts, perhaps at least one for work and one for personal use. Also really obvious that people who aren't developers can & do have accounts (whether you count hobbyists or not) and that tons of professional developers don't use GitHub.

Comment Re:Yes, price discrimination is third world. (Score 1) 235

Did you really spell it "Chyna"?? Is that pure ignorance or is it supposed to be some kind of insult?

Seriously, all you had to do was stop typing after you said "the friction costs of bargaining." and this would have been considered a meaningful contribution to the conversation, but instead you had to go on to reveal your racist & xenophobic side instead and alienate most of your readers.

It's sad I almost agreed with you until that point. I just recently visited India and I found it interesting how so many things are negotiable there. The prices change mostly based on how good you are at negotiating. I mean, they certainly start a lot higher if you're obviously not from around there, and I stood out like a sore thumb so all my prices started out exponentially higher than what anyone else paid. I was lucky to have some friends who were local and had skills with this kind of negotiating because many (most?) Americans, myself included, do not have much practice haggling so when we come to those few points in our lives in America -- like buying a car, salary for a new job, houses -- we tend to rely on some kind of mechanism and think/hope that we are protected by local laws or regulations on pricing.

So bringing this back to Uber, I don't entirely blame them for wanting to maximize upon their customers, however in our society that will be seen very quickly as 'price discrimination' (as parent & GP called it) and shunned. Here, those price differences will cause customers to feel cheated and trust will be broken. Best case, another firm will use this as an opportunity to showcase their consistent pricing and take those customers. Worst case, it will end up being a lawsuit of some kind. Either way, Uber has already had enough bad press lately, they should probably be a bit careful not to cause more self-inflicted wounds like this.

Comment Re:Don't think Uber will be alone with this (Score 1) 235

They do know that. Uber gives you the price before you accept the ride. This issue is more akin to how Best Buy was caught showing different prices on their website if you were in the store than it did if you were browsing from your home PC a few years ago.

BTW isn't Amazon doing something like this too? Don't they show different prices based on your personal shopping history?

Comment Re:Obligatory slashdot editing joke (Score 1) 237

I'm sorry you're looked down upon by so many. I work with several H1B holders and while I don't like the practices that caused the situation, I can't help but like most of the people involved. I always want to get to know them, better understand their cultures, families, religions, and more. It helps me broaden my own perspective on the world. I try hard to pronounce their names properly, I try to include them in activities.

Why is it so hard for so many humans to treat other humans as though they are human?

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